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The sign of the Horse

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The traits of the Horse sign in Chinese astrology:

The Horse needs to have admirers and only feels sure of himself when he is being noticed and appreciated. However, his desire for change can easily make life difficult for him. He finds it hard to lead a steady life, as he is unstable. His fiery spirit gives him energy, but can also cause a lack of satisfaction that leads to unhappiness. Yet the Horse has all the necessary qualities to achieve great things.

The dominant force of this sign is Yang. Being is loyal, he appreciates fairness. His proud outlook can rattle those around him and he can easily seem pretentious. Those individuals born under the sign of the horse love to push themselves forward and will never find themselves in the shadows. In fact, they are motivated by receiving compliments.

They cannot do without this. They are generally people who are very much at ease in worldly pursuits, conferences, the theatreĀ…Their main aim is to be noticed. The Horse is also good at taking care of himself. He will dress elegantly and have great success with the opposite sex.

Horoscopes of the Horse

You will find all the links to consult quickly your different horoscopes for the sign of the Horse:
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Sign Profile of the Horse

Lucky numbers : 1, 3, 4, 8, 13, 14, 41 et 43
Compatible signs : Dog, Tiger, Goat
Incompatible signs : Rat, Monkey, Ox
Lunar Years : 1894, 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026, 2038, 2050, 2062, 2074, 2086, 2098

Love of the Horse

Once the Horse falls in love, he does so with fiery enthusiasm. He dives in there without a second thought. Everything proceeds at lightning pace. He will give everything to the chosen one and nothing will ever be good enough. To seduce the object of his desire, he will use all the ploys at his disposal. His romantic nature and his liking for change make him immediately attractive. With him, routine is out! Everything is about magic and beauty.

On the other hand, the horse has an absolute need for freedom. Possessive relationships are not for him. He hates jealousy and cannot breathe without space. He is an independent being. He will avoid long-term commitment and marriage is rarely the right option for him, unless he can live with the ideal person who will accept his need for freedom. Fidelity is a concept that he does not always understand. His fiery temperament throws him into multiple relationships and desire feeds his energy. He needs to feel things deeply, in order to feel alive.

Strengths of the Horse

This sign of the zodiac has great business acumen and will be an effective negotiator. His instinct will enable him to secure the best contracts. He knows how to amass wealth, having the knack of knowing how to make his money work for him. This comes naturally to him. He will invest at the right time and pull out of a transaction at the first whiff of danger. Those born under this sign never take ill-considered risks. Everything is very well calculated.

Being tenacious, the Horse is capable of succeeding without being prey to discouragement. He is able to rescue a business and breathe life back into it. This sign rarely fails, as he knows when something is viable or not. He will never take on a challenge that is unachievable.

Weaknesses of the Horse

The Horse does not show great aptitude where love is concerned. With his attachment to freedom, he finds it difficult to stay with one person for a long time. As a result, he can feel lonely and have problems finding someone to confide in. Everything has to be approached with a light touch. And yet, forming deeper relationships can sometimes turn out to be necessary in order to move forward.

However, when he does fall in love, he no longer sees what is happening around him and will throw himself totally into the new relationship, to the detriment of other things in his life. He gets involved very quickly.

Work of the Horse

The Horse likes directing projects and would make a good company director. He has the ability to create new projects and the courage to push things forward. Everyday routine is not for him. He needs things to keep moving. Professions involving repetitive work do not suit him. If he starts to get bored with his job, he is not afraid of change and could happily change jobs overnight.

Those born under the sign of the Horse are good at motivating others and are very good managers. They are stimulated by leading a team and are good at diffusing energy and inspiring the goodwill of employees. The Horse gets completely involved in his work.

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