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Color of number 11: indigo
Element of number 11: a mixture of air and water.
Planet associated to number 11: Uranus or Chiron
The 11 represents the energy of light on matter. Its action is double, based on the divine potential of the first one that we associate with the strength of the 11th in the Tarot of Marseille. The 11 represents infinity of potentialities to the measure of the confidence in its creative energy. As we saw above, the 11 is a mixture of the qualities of 1, as well as its element, air, and that of 2 (1 + 1),which is the element water. The 11th must therefore use the freedom and the cerebral capacities of the air and those of universality and empathy of the water.
The 11 is an intense and magnetic number, which requires a great mental and physical strength to channel its potential. It is the man who becomes the messenger of the gods. On the karmic plane, he is considered as a very old soul, with important achievements. There is the need to make a revelation during his life, to live up to this fate. It is also a challenge, knowing that the 11 must be guided by his intuitions. Moreover, the events themselves will be responsible for putting the 11 on the right path, or it is thanks to his very fine perception that he will notice. Finally, it must be noted that the 11th requires a development of a committed humanism and the detachment of material values. Otherwise, the mission is not completed.
The qualities of number 11: clairvoyance, faith, visionary gifts, intuition, the absolute, creative and divine spark, strength, courage, imagination.
The defects of number 11: stress, anxiety, psychosis, nervousness, roughness, unrealism.

The number 11 on the heart side

Sensitive, the 11 has the art to find a way that leads straight to the heart of the person who interests him. He can also count on his magnetism and this kind of aura that accompany him and give him a strange charm. The 11 can feel an incredible connection with the Other, when he is in love, but beware when the line is scrambling. He then moves to a new relationship, which seems more promising to him, because more in line with his ideals. The 11 is not a manipulator or a concealer. He does not behave like that through malice, but because he feels, deep inside him, a pressure that pushes him to continue on his way, this sometimes in a solitary way. In any case, the sentimental life of the 11th is not a long calm river.

The number 11 at work

With such a profile, the 11 must find an original way to express his talents. It is not made for the banality of the routine. He would be bored to death in an administrative position, where his intuition would be of no use to him. He is particularly creative and brilliant, sometimes ill-suited to the traditional school system or the classical academic path. It is clear, however, clear new territories, invent services or objects. He can therefore often choose a course of self-taught, making his way without taking into account the opinion of others through its ability to adapt. In short, here is a personality that will not be destabilized by the world of tomorrow and by the ever increasing presence of artificial intelligence at work... The 11 also excels in the expression of his esoteric talents: seeing, astrologer... or numerologist.

The form of the number 11

The 11 is endowed with a beautiful energy and especially of a mental of steel which allows him to take care of his body. The only weak point of this robust native is his nervous system. Because he solicits him fully, he is almost never at rest. When the 11 sleeps, he risks making dreams that will give him keys, either to improve his behavior or premonitory. He must be attentive to these signals, while sparing himself. He must ensure the quality of his sleep and diet.

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