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Discover the personality of the number 2

  Written by Alison

Your personal number is 2

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Color of number 2: silver
Element of number 2: Water
Planet associated to number 2: The Moon
Corresponding letters of number 2: B, K, T

As one can guess, the symbolism of the 2 is related to the awareness by the ego of the other. So the 2 is synonymous with union, couple, association, relationship or collaboration. After Yang, this is the expression of Yin. In other words, it is the classical feminine energy, which can belong to both sexes but with a propensity to bind rather than impose.

The 2 is rather gentle and knows how to behave with tact. He may have a tendency to withdraw, sometimes lacking self-confidence. In its vibratory mode, the 2 likes to be complementary. He does not have the impression of doing the All alone, he even looks for his opposite, sometimes. Its principle is polarization.

The qualities of number 2: availability, listening, compassion, gentleness, diplomacy, flexibility, generosity, understanding.

The defects of number 2: doubt, insecurity, indecision, hesitation, passivity, lack of initiative.

The number 2 on the heart side: This is his favorite field of expression, one could say. The 2 is intended to form a couple. From his first emotions, the 2 seeks the one who will move him and complete his lack. It shows a complete availability, known for tolerance, appears soft and flexible. With his partner, he knows how to listen to his moods and puts his wishes before his own. As long as he can give, he is happy, he asks for more! One might think, however, that he can do too much and not listen to himself. It also happens that the 2 is waiting for the initiatives of the Other and does not dare to admit it. He aspires to consolidate a relationship but does not dare to launch. His goal is to build a solid life together, often through marriage. He invests deeply in it, he believes in it without measure. We can understand that any failure is a heart-breaking for 2, the lover par excellence.

The number 2 at work: When he starts, the 2 may doubt his talents. He will then look for a shoulder or a mentor to help him. It is through association or collaboration that the 2 considers his career. All alone, he does not feel secure enough to start. He also happens to hesitate about his orientation throughout his life. When faced with a choice or a quick decision, he can remain petrified. However, once integrated into a project or a team, the 2 is wonderful. He never favors his personal interest but really plays collectively, as in a sports team! He does not have the Ego developed to the point of wanting to go beyond his colleagues and order them. Moreover, if he starts a business, he prefers to do it with a partner. The 2 also puts forward the notion of partnership or customer, capital for him.

The shape of number 2: Since this number refers to duality, the 2 must take care of everything that works in two in his body: the two hands, the two feet, the two ears, the two lungs, and so on. For him, the question of finding a balance is key. He must also be careful, according to the principles of Chinese medicine, to respect the balance between yin and yang, between what his body receives and what it spends, in other words. Under these conditions, the 2 will lead its way with confidence. His appeasement abilities can also speak in his favor: the 2 knows how to listen to the signals of his body if he has to rest, take time and free himself from the stress of competition, which is not for him.

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