Know the personality of the number 6

Written by Alison

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Color of number 6: dark green
Element of number 6: Air
Planet associated to number 6: Venus
Corresponding letters of number 6: F. O, X
This is the number associated with beauty and harmony. The 6 is not governed for nothing by the planet Venus, which also represents its qualities in astrology. From the esoteric point of view, we find this idea of perfection with the six-pointed star - two triangles, one material, the other spiritual. The 6 is also consistent with compassion and service.
Those who are under this influence need to help others, especially their families. They place a lot of importance on this one and the serenity of a home. Be careful, with the 6, to excess requirements, which expose them to disappointment. A person's difficulty lies in finding a way to be useful, without being devoured. Because the 6 also needs to create a serene and balanced universe for himself.
The qualities of number 6: gentleness, kindness, aesthetic and artistic sensibility, affectivity, generosity, sensitivity, harmony, humanity, balance.
The defects of number 6: passivity, laxity, insecurity, naivety, erasure, withdrawal, lack of insurance.

The number 6 on the heart side

For him, to love is a natural way to exist. A 6 would not conceive of his life without love! He is already doing everything to put himself at the service of others and even more of the person dear to his heart. For a 6, it is about the cover of attention, small and large. To show loyalty to any challenge, to value and cherish it. Marriage represents the culmination of one's ultimate desires. Not only does a 6 give himself completely but he needs, more often than not, to found a family. He has the ability to protect those under his wing without being asked. Suffice to say that breaks disarm and hurt him very much. He also happens to be disappointed by his partner but he has a lot of trouble to blame him, so pay attention to too much internalization and sublimation...

The number 6 at work

Although this area of life often passes after his love, the 6 is talented. He has flair and can be business savvy. Most often, his charisma will be a great help to overcome the obstacles of his career. He spontaneously finds allies who will support him and he will not be the last to serve his colleagues. For him, it's about team success. He would not conceive of working alone in his corner. The service trades are therefore well suited to the 6, which needs ideal in its mission: the humanitarian, the professions of care to the person are made for the 6.

The shape of number 6

Quite and of calm temperament, the 6 does not expose itself. He does not like excesses and is cautious. We can perhaps blame him for a lack of tone and it is true that other numbers know how to be more explosive and more alert than him. The 6 would win to be more voluntary if he decides to play sports or a diet... because he is willing to excuse very good to procrastinate. But he makes up for it by ensuring the balance of his form: he likes yoga, meditation and gentle care like massage. The important thing for him is not to somatize and respect the messages of his body. He must also monitor his weak points, namely the voice, the throat and the sexual organs.

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