Numerological Personality and Well-being

Written by Daisy

Health, is not that what is the most precious thing! Without it, there is no energy to be at your best, to move forward or simply. Luckily, numerology can highlight our weak points in order to protect us against ills relative to our number. And this is crucial for everyone because once in good physical condition, we can go along our path of life, so dear to numerology. Let's look at trends by the number that characterizes you: If ou do not know your personal number, check out our free Application : Your Life path.

Number 1 in well-being:

You must remain alert to the signs that your body sends you. You are usually caught up in a dizzying social dynamic that distracts you from what is good for your health. Faced with your inner tension, you are gaining vital physical exercise because the number 1 needs it, more than any other number..
Our advice : Adopt trees and flowers as natural environment choices that have the power to regenerate you.

Number 2 in well-being:

Situations of change in your life can make you worried, which tends to make you feel hard and develop emotional tension in you. Hence some allergies and chronic anxiety may occur. You have everything to gain by welcoming the movement of existence with a confident opening. br>
Our advice :Opt for relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation or even dance, in order to free you from your stress.

Number 3 in well-being:

You tend to somatize by absorbing the emotions of others. Very sensitive, you should work on the expression of your energy, whether it is angry or resentful; otherwise it will prevent you from digesting easily or breathing without problems.
Our advice : Do not run away from your own nature, accept who you are and structure your true desires.

Number 4 in well-being::

Your productive personality is not afraid of work, you love to create and you may lack structure. The idea is to provide you with relaxing breaks and set schedules that take care of your pace. So watch out for burn-outs and extremes of your behavior. Your fragile point lies in your immune system and bones.
Our advice : Put more energy into planning a healthier lifestyle to respect your vitality.

Number 5 in well-being:

Your nervous system may suffer from your irritable and angry temperament. Indeed you fear the constraints that leave you no decision latitude and you do not like to be dependent. You must work on your trust in events and others.
Our advice : Learning to laugh so you can take a step back on what happens to you will do you the greatest good!

Number 6 in well-being:

You may let others invade you with their own problems in your energy field. As if that were not enough, you are too perfectionist towards yourself. And that can affect your cardiovascular system or your throat...
Our advice : Regular physical activity and meals at a fixed time will give you a radiant health.

Number 7 in well-being:

You are relatively balanced, however you are not without some weakness in your joints, your legs and your nervous system. You cultivate a form of intuition as to what is good for you in terms of food and the exercises to be done to keep you fit.
Our advice : Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by a tyrannical work schedule to stay at your best!

Number 8 in well-being:

Know not to fall into an excess of activities although you benefit from an excellent constitution and a vigorous health. Since you have energy to spare, you do not hear reason to be moderate and overwork may be lying in wait for you...
Our advice : Do not throw yourself on food for reasons of stress because you would only get bothered and digestive problems would seriously upset you.

Number 9 in well-being:

You tend to think of the health of others, sometimes forgetting your own. Do not forget yourself because your personal needs are crucial to your own well-being and if that was a problem, there are coaches who can assist you in this regard.
Our advice : In an airplane, we are first taught to fix our own oxygen mask before helping our neighbor!

Number 11 in well-being:

Your energy sometimes vibrates to such a high level that your sensitivity is irritated and your immune system can feel it, and you're contracting diseases because you're off-center. It is by finding the trace of your path of life based on intuition and inspiration that everything returns to order.
Our advice : You have everything you need to practice meditation or spiritual exercises that will connect you with your deepest self.

Number 22 in well-being:

You are often tense and hyperactive, which can affect your health whose sensitive points are the psychic, nervous, lymphatic and bilious system. Indeed, the more you go beyond your intimate disorders, the more you will rise to your humanist genius.
Our advice : Be more receptive to your deep truth to live well in your body and mind!

Number 33 in well-being:

You possess intense energy, like any master number. Your weak points are the throat, the voice and the reproductive system. The more you go on your path of life, that which combines the energies of intelligence, compassion, discipline, courage and blessing, the more you will be able to transmute your possible health concerns.
Our advice : Focus your being on consciousness and spiritual development; you will only be rewarded on the vital level!

Thanks to numerology, we can take care of our vulnerabilities and certain health problems. Do not hesitate to go further with the help of a numerologist if necessary to carry you like the Pont Neuf or in order to put your finger on such an element that could prevent you from feeling fit in your body. Nothing beats feeling good!

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