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Saturday, October the 24th
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All about the personality of the number 1

  Written by Alison

Your personal number is 1

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Color of number 1: golden yellow
Element of number 1: fire
Planet associated to number 1: the Sun
Corresponding letters of number 1: A, J, S

Honor to who opens the march, the 1 is a strong, even authoritarian number. The number 1 marks a starting point, the moment M when the person under its influence will do everything to put an action on the way. This results in a certain tension that resembles that of the sprinter in the starting blocks.

The vibratory mode of the number 1 is also that of the creative breath. The 1 is also the center of everything, it is sufficient in itself. With originality, the 1 is inspired by no one and finds itself innovative solutions. It aims for success; it is ambitious. It represents masculine energy in the traditional sense, say Yang. In analogy with astrology, the 1 is governed by the Sun and the fire element. It is synonymous with individualism, a path towards a single goal, without detours.

The qualities of number 1: entrepreneurship, leadership skills, range, speed, strength, assurance, courage, honesty, creativity.

The defects of number 1: egoism, harshness, individualism, anger, lack of reflection, impatience, arrogance.

The number 1 on the heart side:
A person 1 is characterized by his great independence. We have seen that it is self-sufficient. This is both an advantage, because the 1 knows how to please, because of this insurance. But the 1 is not very good at giving much attention. When he enters into a relationship, it is he who gives impulses, of course, and even cadence. He decides when and how to engage and where the love sentiment leads him, which he tends to place very high. People under the influence of this number are therefore especially endowed for conquest. In the seduction phase, they give the best, since they have a goal to achieve. However, once in a relationship, the 1 tends to lose sight of this notion of partnership - if he ever had it. The 1 can also sin by pride, not listening to the other and believing it to his cause and the same desires as himself.

The number 1 at work:
In this area, the 1 is at ease: he leads his boat as he sees fit, without needing any help. He knows very quickly what he wants in life and never hesitates about his options. The way to go - studies or otherwise - seems clear to him and it does not get complicated to negotiate or seek out allies. Frankly, he claims a position, a situation or a status. People 1 make excellent leaders because they have a natural ability to clear the road and train others. On the other hand, they may lose sight of the interests of the group or their subordinates. Busy battling at the top, they do not bother with details. They will therefore be able to offend sensibilities by clumsiness. But generally, this number is synonymous with success, even if the price to pay is certain loneliness. They are excellent entrepreneurs, known for their boldness.

The shape of number 1:
A word well defines the 1: This is a fighter! He never listens, never weakens. With this capital of energy, the 1 literally radiates and brings out this solar vibration. He has a natural aura, a presence that imposes. Moreover, beyond printing, its constitution is often strong. It's a racing car, made to start and carve the road. The flip side of this temperament lies in the fact that it neglects the warning signals of a possible exhaustion. Optimistic, he is convinced that everything will be better the next day, after a good night's sleep. In any case, it is important that it is spent through a sporting activity.

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