Zoom on the personality of the number 3

Written by Alison

Your personal number is 3: If you do not know your personal number, discover it with our free application: your Way of Life.

Color of number 3: blue
Element of number 3: Air
Planet associated to number 3: Mercury
Corresponding letters of number 3: C, L, U
After the 1, which is attached to the ego, the 2 who is interested in the couple, here is the 3 who discovers the existence of a larger world. Symbolically, it is the Trinity who presides over this energy: there is the desire to balance his three energies. In geometry, the 3 evokes triangulation, so it needs to measure equidistant lines and find the center of the triangle. Once these elements are understood, we know that the need to communicate and to exchange is the principle of putting into action.
The 3 needs to share his impressions, orally, in writing or by taking the pulse of what is happening in society. Moreover, the 3 is very comfortable group, passing from one to the other with great ease. It is a social butterfly, which adapts with a striking ease. He understands most of the issues with his astonishing intuition. The 3 also represents the creative power par excellence. The idea is to get a message across, regardless of the form used.
The qualities of number 3:expressiveness, talent, creativity, sense of communication, sociability, originality, charm, sensitivity...
The defects of number 3:superficiality, nervousness, confusion, imbalance, bad faith, malicious irony.

The number 3 on the heart side

It is with ease, without even seeming, that the 3 seduces. He instinctively knows how to say and do what the person of interest wants. With gusto, he hosts a conversation, makes pirouettes, arranges that nobody gets bored. He knows how to bring a more exalting dimension into the life of the Other. The 3 uses all the strings of his charm to achieve his ends, a little Don Juan or Carmen at a time. However, it tends to zap or get tired. The daily bores him and he is not made to repeat every day the same couple rituals. The 3 needs glitter, if not more, for now his interest. It is not a model of fidelity.

The number 3 at work

This is a personality who must be given the opportunity to express himself. The 3, not holding in place, needs movement and challenges. It would be unfortunate if he were confined to administrative tasks, repetitive and lacking in brilliance. He needs to show his creative potential and will work wonders if he has to find innovative solutions. He is also the type to take risks, to be bold. Very comfortable within a team, he knows how to motivate others and pushes them to give the best of themselves. He may, however, disperse and not make full use of his numerous gifts. Sometimes he stays on the surface of things for lack of time and perhaps crazy ambition. But he always knows how to fall back on his feet with the flexibility of a cat.

The shape of number 3

The 3 has an energetic potential and is spent without counting: it is at the same time its strength and its weakness on the physical level. On the one hand, he is the first to shake and act. His need for spending is also a good point, since he wants to go out in the open, to run, to change his mind. On the other hand, the 3 tends to abuse his nervous reserves. It exposes itself to stress, by need of adrenaline, but sometimes goes too far. But he can neither say no nor stop. It should be suggested to sometimes take a distance and do some meditation...

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