Personality of the figure 8, to discover!

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Color of number 8: mustard yellow
Element of number 8: Earth
Planet associated to number 8: Mars
Corresponding letters of number 8: H, Q, Z
If you draw a layered 8, the symbol represents that of infinity. That's why this number is synonymous with power, material realization and success. Beware, the high energy vibration of the 8 does not guarantee luck absolutely; it indicates especially that the person under its influence is ambitious, stubborn and able to do everything to achieve his goal.
The 8 does not know the doubt, he relies on his natural talents which are very complete, since they concern both the inner strength and the ability to act on the concrete plan. The difficulty of this number is to channel this potential and not to spoil the skills by a haughty approach, without taking into account the context or the weaknesses of others. Because the 8 can know the joy of the summits but its failures will be equally stinging and spectacular. He must learn to measure risks.
The qualities of number 8: ambition, trust, strength, magnetism, leadership, luck, abundance, prestige, perfection.
The defects of number 8: excessive control, requirement, hardness, selfishness, ruthless ambition, coldness.

The number 8 on the heart side

At first glance, the 8 looks for a partner that allows him to assert his power. But it will also be necessary for this one or him to accept his desire of domination! In love, he sees especially the notion of conquest. He takes the initiative of the meeting, not skimping on the means to impress. The more the target seems difficult, the more the 8 is mobilized. However, the 8 is susceptible. He hates leaving indifferent; he still prefers a frictional relationship than one flat. Certainly, it is not the most comfortable to express his feelings: he can be abrupt but he has a capacity of persuasion related to his general attitude in life, which is inspiring. Once engaged, he will do everything to ensure that his partner and his children enjoy a good standard of living. Offering this luxury is for an 8 the best way to prove one's attachment.

The number 8 at work

Very early in life, the 8 expresses his ambitions: he wants to be the best, a point that's all. He will often choose the path of higher education which will be, for him, a real springboard. He may also want to undertake, because he has flair and does not shrink from personal investment. Moreover, he is not satisfied with having beautiful conceptual ideas; he goes quickly to the concrete. And he has to cash in the proofs of his success. In other words, the chapter on remuneration interests him. But it also targets power as well as money. With such a profile, we imagine willingly working in finance. He also excels at investing in the stock market, and he is rarely mistaken when he puts on a deal. In such cases, he can be ruthless when the stakes are high. Note that it has a remarkable resistance to stress. Where others crack, the 8 takes the opportunity to widen the gap on its competitors.

The shape of number 8

Resistant, solid, the 8 has an iron health. But he tends to pull on the rope. He does not take care, sleeps little, and runs everywhere, driven by his ambitions. He tends to sacrifice his sleeping hours and fuel coffee to make up for it. If he is sick, he refuses to stay in bed, takes medicine and clenches his teeth. Sometimes this behavior can lead to overheating. The 8 is not aware of the harmful effects that can have an unhealthy lifestyle. He must learn to slow down and listen. A walk in the nature will allow him to reconnect and take a distance from his ambitions. This will do him the greatest good.

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