Zoom on your numerological personality at work

Written by Alison

Numerology can refer you to the activities that suit you, so why not use it? If you need to be oriented towards the type of work in keeping with your inner nature, you are in the right place. Once you know your life path number, you will know if you are more suited to an independent career like the 3 or if you tend to favor reverie like the 8th. We tell you everything! So let's now look at each number a little closer: If ou do not know your personal number, check out our free Application : Your Life path.

Number 1 at Work:

Your clever and moving nature predisposes you to free trades, based on human exchange and appealing to a clever, diplomatic or creative spirit. We find the 1 among consultants, politicians, advertising designers, comedians, journalists or traders... You hate the routine and your career must show you diversity. Your ability to adapt opens you to many possibilities. advice : Do not run away from certain situations, confront them firmly!

Number 2 at Work:

You demonstrate organization, a sense of reality and pragmatism. You will be comfortable in some secure occupations like administration; you make a good collaborator or partner, assistant or advisor. Business or financial management are activities where you can meet with some success. Ecology and earth, you are not insensitive either. And artistic crafts are activities that can make you famous! advice : Listen to your intuition because you are good for a slew of trades!

Number 3 at Work:

You're not the type to shut yourself in an office or stay in the same place doing the same thing all day. To spend yourself, you need to come up against new things like new technologies, for example. But especially no heavy constraints, you need independence and take risks. Your heroic, youthful or physical qualities can lead you to tourism or sports jobs, or even related to children's contexts. advice : Respect your need for space!

Number 4 at Work:

You will make the happiness of your professional hierarchy or your collaborators because you have inexhaustible resources and are endowed with a great professional conscience. You may as well be manager, industrial, plumber, architect, banker, and advisor; just as philosopher or astrologer, we find many under this number! You love to be more useful than to be seen, which makes you a person full of wisdom. advice : Be careful sometimes rather than let yourself be devoured by your work by professional conscience.

Number 5 at Work:

You have energy to spare and are all your responsibilities to carry out what you have set for yourself; it will bring you triumph, comfort and material abundance. We can find you in itinerant sectors such as import-export, driving gear, tourism, art scene, journalism... Just like other trades as ambassador or writer. You easily attract money and do not like anything as long as you turn to the outside world. advice : Trust yourself; success is waiting for you!

Number 6 at Work:

Your youthful spirit and your grace will make a magical attraction to others and this is necessary for you. You give meaning to existence in terms of exchanges with others. The services to the human, public relations are very suitable for you. But you also have a gift to see beyond the facades so that professions psychologist, researcher, tarologist or detective are opportunities that will flourish, by the way. advice : To achieve a certain balance, you must be in contact with others.

Number 7 at Work:

Your character is similar to that of Aries: you are a go-getter and your energy is racing to reach the goal. Needless to say, you need a lot of freedom to maneuver and contact with others feeds you. Far horizons, the outdoors, the stranger are ideally for you. Everything related to nature, travel, novelty speaks to you. Veterinarians, archaeologists, engineers in new technologies or television are professions with many numbers. advice : Avoid too reckless head shots to not find yourself stripped of your situation.

Number 8 at Work:

Your propensity to dream does not make you especially dynamic and endowed with a career vision. However you can become a high-profile artist such as musician or poet. Note that your sensitivity can bring you to those who are in need as part of a social activity as a caregiver or psychiatrist. Numbers 8 govern the feet; you can also become pedicurist, podiatrist, shoemaker... advice : Forge a solid home base for your talents and sensitivity.

Number 9 at Work:

You will succeed in trades that require ingenuity and innovation. Your own personality often sets you apart from others and that's why you do not go unnoticed. We can find you in politics, intellectual professions as philosopher, journalist or sociologist, even artistic or mystical as religious, theologian, parapsychologist or poet. You are full of contradictions and revolutionary ideas. advice : The human being at the heart of your concerns, aim for a humanist profession.

Number 11 at Work:

It is necessary to focus on professions that emphasize inspiration or spirituality. Religious or musical vocations are likely paths for master numbers 11, but also mediumship, writing or the transmission of knowledge can be elements of an activity. Provided that the person is disinterested and idealistic, without ever seeking his exclusively personal interest, he will be in the right profession. advice : Always stay up to man despite your high inspirations!

Number 22 at Work:

Professional life calls you because it is in this area that you will flourish. You are the mastermind of the builders, the constructors, the creators, and you give yourself without counting for the community. That's why we can find you in humanitarian, politics, artistic field or liberal professions. advice : Avoid the madness of grandeur and you will accomplish beautiful things that will last.

Number 33 at Work:

Your sense of detail and precision as well as your ability to express your emotions can find areas to practice. There are many artists in the masters-numbers 33 as dancers or actors, but also athletes who invest in their art in the long run. They also excel in trades related to communication, teaching, coaching, trainingÂ… advice : You are very demanding, but do not let a useless detail block you in your creative drive.

We want numerology to help you explore your talents within you as crystals that sometimes have to be brought to light, to awaken, their reflections and color palette. Do not hesitate to consult our complementary articles to offer you a broader vision of yourself!

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