Libra's horoscope for October 2021

Written by Daisy

Libra: Astral Climate for October 2021

October promises to be lively, active, and rich in communication with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in your sign. You now understand the lessons learned from the past and decide to change your behavior, activity, or simply your lifestyle. Your natural friendliness supports your charm! You can seduce in your private life as well as in the professional world. This is an excellent time to find a job, meet your soulmate, concretize an existing relationship, or start your own business. Saturn and Jupiter support all your projects. Only a few isolated people at the end of the sign still have to give up some of their assets. Still, for the most part, you have the wind in your sails.

Libra: Mood for October 2021

You are radiant, communicative, and full of energy, ready to lift mountains to move in the right direction. Your goodwill and hard work promise you success, Jupiter brings you luck, and Saturn stabilizes your achievements. It is, therefore, in a pleasant atmosphere of security that you can make the right decisions, elaborate profitable strategies, or organize fulfilling meetings. Take advantage of this beautiful month where the sky is smiling on you to advance your pawns in all the fields that interest you. Your charm and talent will do the rest.

Libra: Love for October 2021

All the lights are on for a beautiful love story. You are charming, in a good mood and overflowing with affection, especially after the 7th, when you will be eager to open the doors of your heart and your life-wide. Your situation is now evident to you. You have less difficulty taking initiatives that are in the direction of balance and harmony in your relationship. Some complications may remain within the family, but you have all the necessary assets to unblock situations, even if you find that time is a bit long at times...

Libra: Money for October 2021

Financial luck is smiling on you, especially during the first week: opportunities multiply, and you could make excellent deals. However, you must beware of your taste for luxury and beautiful things, which could tip your budget if you are not careful enough. Nonetheless, Jupiter and Saturn combine to increase and stabilize your assets, and, on the whole, you remain secure from want. Prudent investments are possible, and your excellent relationships with others could open doors to juicy partnerships.

Libra: Work for October 2021

Your creativity will be reflected in your methods and, even better, in your results, which will not go unnoticed. It will undoubtedly allow you to progress favorably in your activities. Your charm and kindness attract many sympathies. Your natural diplomacy enables you to unravel the tensest situations and become an emissary in certain thorny situations. Things evolve slowly but surely towards an excellent recognition of your talents. Your tenacity strengthens, and you can take on long-term work, work that you have been dodging for a long time.

Libra: Leisure for October 2021

This month, more than ever, you will have the best time in good company. You are very attracted to art and luxury, so it's an excellent time to visit an exhibition, attend a vernissage or show off your own talents. Don't hesitate to go out with your friends or take a walk with your family on the social side. If the weather keeps you at home, take your loved ones out of their personal screens and propose everyday activities. Crafts, cooking, and board games will do a lot of good for the atmosphere at home. They will strengthen the bonds between those you hold most dear.

Libra: Key dates for October 2021

- On the 2nd, put your talents at the service of the community to put everyone in agreement.

- On the 6th, the New Moon is illuminating you. Take advantage of it without abusing it.

- On the 11th, if you are dragging a ball and chain, you will unburden yourself by December.

- On the 17th, your arguments and your benevolence help you to clear up family misunderstandings.

- On the 30th, the end of the month is a bit frustrating. You ask for too much.

Libra: Advice for October 2021

You have the opportunity to communicate more efficiently but channel your nervous tension to prepare the ground usefully. The October sky favors your blossoming, but give up believing you are more robust than everyone else. A wise attitude will allow you to express your desires without getting into trouble.

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