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The sign of Taurus arrives with the spring, that idyllic time of year when the buds are starting to sprout on the branches of fruit trees. This sign is ruled by the planet Venus, which symbolises sensuality. Taurus is associated with the Second House, which represents acquisitions and possessions. Learn about Taurus baby's profile.

The decans of Taurus

- The first decan begins on 21st April and ends on May 1st. It is ruled by Mercury and Venus. Those born during the first decan are headstrong, hard-working and persistent. They have the ability and determination to undertake difficult tasks.
- The second decan begins on 2nd of May and ends on 11th May. This decan is ruled by Venus and the Moon. The Moon creates individuals who are intuitive with a fertile imagination. Those born during the second decans generally have very good business acumen.
- The third decan begins on 12th May and ends on 20th May. It is ruled by Venus and Saturn. Saturn has a positive influence on this sign, providing the energy needed for leadership.
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Horoscopes for Taurus

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Personality and Profile of Taurus

Contrary to what you might think, the bull is not a savage creature that gets angry for no reason. The Taurus character tends to be quite calm. Do not forget this sign is ruled by Venus and the Moon, which would be more likely to temper an individual. However, if a Taurus is pushed to the edge, he or she will then fly into a rage.

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The existence in which Taurus are most likely to flourish is a peaceful life, where they can feel safe. This sign likes comfort and is afraid of going without. If they feel secure, they are the happiest beings on the planet. Their aim is to be surrounded by loved-ones, their ‘tribe', and live in a warm, stable environment. On the other hand, if this is not the case, those born under this sign can very quickly feel anxious. They are naturally fragile beings. Taurus are inclined to be somewhat lacking in initiative by nature.

They like to chew things over and yes, it is not an unusual sight to see Taurus ruminating over old issues that have been occupying their mind. They start off by looking for security and stability and will show great perseverance in achieving what they want. They can keep calm for some time and keep quiet about vexations, but watch out when their anger mounts up. It can quickly get out of control.

Unlike Arieses, Taurus bear grudges and never forget. They will take a long time to get angry, but also take a long time to forgive and trust people and so on. This is how it is with those born under the sign of Taurus. They are consistent, patient, loyal in their relationships, but they need time.

Taurus are also sensual beings, who love physical contact with the person they desire. They are “physical” beings, to whom contact is as important as words. They love pleasure and the delights of the flesh, and when they are in love, they are tender and gentle. This natural sensuality makes them sensitive to the beauty of nature. They like walking and love the forests and flowers, their perfumes.

Similarly they will appreciate the fine things of life: art, music, sculpture, photography… Being very focused on culinary pleasures, this is a sign that loves entertaining guests in the home, the home being one of their main concerns. Taurus are hungry for sensation and were born to appreciate the pleasures of the senses.

Strengths of Taurus

Even though Taurus seek security, they are not self-centred individuals and give a lot to those they love. They are reliable, generous and loyal! Human relationships are their life-blood. They like giving to others and making an effort to provide them with anything that is missing from their lives.

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Weaknesses of Taurus

Taurus are possessive and resentful. Be wary of their land-owner mentality, which can make them very suspicious if they feel betrayed. Their very real concern for detail holds them back where promotion is concerned. In fact this fault is often taken for either slowness or industriousness by other signs more suspicious than them.

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Particular Symbols of Taurus

Taurus are loyal and serious-minded, preferring a comfortable, well-organised life in both material and emotional terms. With a pronounced taste for beautiful things, they always go for balance, in order to blossom in close proximity to their family and friends. Their natural colour of choice is green, associated, like them, with freshness and nature.

Career of Taurus

At work, Taurus are organised and meticulous, feeling happy when everything is well planned. They are robust, even under pressure, pursuing the task entrusted to them with the purpose of completing it.

They are determined and their commitment is unfailing when they feel confident. Being natural team players, they flourish doing tasks requiring resilience in the long-term and a detailed approach. This is not a sign that is afraid of hard work and their devotion to the task in hand can even seem surprising to others!

They will be able to cope with physically demanding jobs: agricultural, horticulture, landscape gardening, masonry etc. In addition, they will not hesitate to reveal their extensive artistic talents: singing, music and architecture. They generally have a gift for administration and business management. They will be able to manage budgets quite effectively.

Differences between Male and Female Taurus

The female Taurus is generally very feminine and seductive. She seeks men who will be able to give her material security and a warm loving home. She will feel very much at ease in her role as mother, lover or wife, being sensually and naturally in tune with her environment.

The male Taurus is a seducer par excellence. He will be very successful with the opposite sex. Patient and attentive, he will be very selective in his choice of partner, in order to avoid making a mistake. It will be unusual for a Taurus to rush into things. He will be a passionate lover and make a good father.

Emotional Profile of Taurus

A Taurus's emotional profile is quite ‘simple': love, fidelity and stability above all are what count. In fact Taurus find it difficult to flutter around unconcerned. This is a sign that likes to invest everything for once and for all, and although blessed with a sensuality beyond compare, the Taurus's number one priority is to “feel secure”.

Under the influence of Venus, this sign's sex appeal shines brightly. And watch out, because with their strongest attributes, Taurus can be surprising, as they can distinguish themselves when in love. They are by nature faithful and sometimes even devoted, finding fulfilment easier in an everyday environment. Uneasy in a competitive situation, this jealous and often possessive sign can be tenacious, not to say stubborn, when trying to win a loved-one.

Sexuality of Taurus

The influence of Venus makes the Taurus sexually irresistible and full of glamour. Epicurian and enamoured by all forms of pleasure, they are extremely sensual. In their search for harmony, they leave nothing to chance and are good at being innovative in a surprising way. Infatuated by sensual pleasures, they are attentive to detail, making them even more attractive and sexy.

Portrait of a Taurus

Element: Earth sign
Strenght: Steadfastness
Weakness: Sloth
Personality type : Secret
Keyword: Thoughtful
Outlook: I have
Physical: Neck, throat
Color: Green
Gemstone: Amethyst
Metal: Agate

Signs that have affinities with Taurus:
- Virgo
- Pisces
- Cancer
- Capricorn

Signs less compatible, meeting with some resistance:
- Aries
- Libra
- Gemini
- Leo
- Sagittarius
- Aquarius
Opposite sign of the zodiac/ polarity: Scorpio.

Astro people of Taurus

Famous Taurus include: :
− André Agassi
− Jessica Alba
− David Beckham
− Laetitia Casta
− George Clooney
− Robert Pattinson
− Uma Thurman
− Pénélope Cruz

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