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Gemini's characteristics

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Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, ending the spring cycle with longer days and warmer, gentler air. This is a mutable sign, ruled by Mercury (symbolising wit) and Air is its element! Gemini is associated with the Third House, the house of communication par excellence. Learn about Gemini baby's profile.

The decans of Gemini

- The first decan begins on 21st May and ends on 31st May. It is ruled by Mercury and Jupiter. Those born during the first decan have a very marked intuition and are naturally inclined towards humanist ideals.
- The second decan begins on 1st June and ends on 10th June. It is ruled by Mercury and Mars. Gemini born in the 2nd decan are much more active and dynamic than those born in the 1st. They are attracted by professions involving travel.
- The third decan begins on 11 June and ends on 20 June. It is ruled by Mercury and the Sun. Those born during the third decan have great intellectual and/or physical potential. They need a substantial social network to be able to move upwards and prove to themselves that they are among life's winners.

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Horoscopes for Gemini

You will find all the links to consult quickly your different horoscopes for the sign of Gemini :
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Personality and Profile of Gemini

With a lively mind and always on the go, Gemini seek to discover, understand and explain all aspects of life. Their legendary curiosity makes them very interesting characters, who often attract attention with their widespread knowledge. Because of their interest in everything, this sign sometimes lacks concentration and can miss wonderful opportunities at both friendship and professional level. The Gemini regrets this, but very quickly moves on to something else. This sign never stops moving, like a shooting star!

To know your baby better, we give you his portrait"Astro Baby Gemini Profile"

This is also the sign of communication par excellence. Gemini are very good orators and can always find a way, even if it means using tactics to achieve their ends more quickly. Their very skilful personality often confuses those around them, whether family members or colleagues! Their versatility can sometimes be seen as dishonest and wily: they can be very cheerful and then very sad. With the influence of Mercury, they can adapt perfectly to all situations, which can also be interpreted as superficial.

For Gemini, friendship and love are fairly vital elements. Gemini are very appealing with their verbal repartee and attentive manner towards others. More than anything else they want to share their ideas of perfect happiness with others and they spend most of their time on this quest!

However, this sign is not too keen on getting involved in life and is particularly attached to his or her freedom. It is a sign that knows how to tread carefully when necessary, rather than feel trapped in a situation beyond their control. Gemini need space, open air and faraway lands to discover!

Gemini especially appreciate anything connected with new technology and games, but also dialectics and writing. To sum up, anything centre-stage, motivating, creating illusions and to do with appearance.

Strengths of Gemini

Gemini are curious, lively and very sociable. They are very pleasant company, being generally optimistic and full of the joys of life! You just need to learn how to keep up with them, as they are great enthusiasts who are interested in everything.

Your talents and aptitudes detailed in our article:"the qualities of Gemini" !

Weaknesses of Gemini

Gemini are sometimes seen as dishonest and manipulative. In actual fact, in their wish make reality a bit more interesting, they are able to adapt to any circumstances thanks to the influence of Mercury, and are not always consistent in their decisions.

You can know all your faults by going directly to our page"Gemini defects" !

Particular Symbols of Gemini

With their great ability to adapt and their wiliness, Gemini like games of strategy and verbal sparring. They can sometimes show depth, but at other times seem obscure. Gemini is a sign that likes both novelty and the mysterious.

Career of Gemini

At work, Gemini are hard-working and able to multitask. Be careful, however, not to offend this sign, which can on a pure whim destroy all their hard work in the blink of an eye. They fit in well and are excellent workers, both reliable and creative.

Differences between Male and Female Gemini

The female Gemini is an idealist and on a spiritual quest. This is a woman who loves to seduce and is completely devoted to her partner! She is cheerful and friendly.

Gemini men are very concerned about perfection and for this reason, will search for that rare pearl, THE perfect woman. This is a partner who wants to make a good impression and will not enter into commitment lightly.

Emotional Profile of Gemini

Gemini are spirited, appreciate novelty and want to escape from everyday routine. They are open-minded, with a horror of solitude and a quiet life. They like to be on the move and would not think twice about falling into debt in pursuit of life's pleasures, both with their loved one and friends. They have something of a short fuse, but they are also endearing, being often original and interesting. Life is never boring with this person!

Gemini Sexuality

You would never get tired of this Air sign, whose curiosity, including sexually, is at first astonishing and then attractive. Gemini continually surprise others with their creative flair, their sense of occasion and their ‘trendy' approach. Gemini use tactics to stand out from the rest and no-one is indifferent to their charms!

Portrait of a Gemini

Element: Air sign
Strenght: Emotional
Weakness: Multi-faceted personality
Personality type : Eternal teenager
Key word: Versatile
Outlook: Non-conformist
Physical: Hands, arms, lungs
Color: Multi-coloured
Gemstone: Garnet
Metal: Mercury

Signs that have affinities with Gemini :
- Aquarius
- Leo
- Aries
- Libra
- Sagittarius

Signs less compatible, meeting with some resistance :
- Virgo
Opposite sign is Sagittarius.

Astro people

Famous Gemini include::
- Marylin Monroe
-Robert Pattinson
- Angelina Jolie
- Johnny Depp
- John Fitzgerald Kennedy
- Jean Dujardin
- Romain Duris
- Johnny Hallyday

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