The Planet Neptune

Written by Daisy

All you need to know about Neptune...

Neptune, planet of doubt ... and faith! Neptune is the ruler and master of the sign of Pisces. While Pluto turns things upside down and transforms them, Neptune sows confusion in our minds to make us change direction towards gaining a wider understanding of the greyer areas of the soul. This God of the seas, oceans, lakes and rivers often acts in an insidious way to trip us up and lead us to greater awareness at the end of a slow process of catharsis. Under his guidance, human beings have to learn to trust their intuition and accept the loss of certain illusions to be able to connect into his divine plan.

Neptune in our charts...

This planet in our charts represents the ultimate achievement, the light at the end of the tunnel. Whilst Pluto works on the corporal aspect, Neptune is specifically interested in our minds, which he leads astray, confuses and sometimes derails, in order to teach us ultimately to sort out the essential from the unimportant; to remove us from all other influences and increase our awareness, so that we can achieve enlightenment... When Neptune comes into contact with a planet or an angle of our chart, we start off by doubting everything and we often no longer know where to turn. A loss of certainty sets in, which we are going to have to comprehend without being able to rely on our usual reference points!

Neptune muddies the waters and forces us to dig deep down within our inner darkness to define our limits and often... establish where we have no limits. Very often, under the tutelage of this god whose prickly reputation is well established, the individual hesitates, makes mistakes and loses the way, with a tendency sometimes to draw on obscure resources to deal with a situation.

The temptation to draw strength from dangerous substances such as alcohol, drugs and other intoxicants to find a way out of Neptune's chaos is great. The planet undermines our strength and wears down our resistance. But he also gives us inspiration, lifts us up and, if we accept that we need to grow eventually, he enables us to bring our inspiration, intuition and all our powers together ... Neptune can create suffering, a tendency to drift, madness and all kinds of deviant behaviour, but he also inspires the poet in us and nourishes the mystical! His domain is the invisible and divination, clairvoyance, genius and madness also emanate from his intangible aura. He takes eighty years to travel halfway round the zodiac, approximately the same length of time as a human life. It is up to us to seize the opportunities he offers, wherever he appears in our heavenly chart. It is up to us to lift the veil on our fears and the ghosts that haunt us, and free ourselves permanently from the material illusions that ultimately prevent us from reaching our real spiritual dimension!

Neptune today...

At the moment, Neptune is completing its course through the sign of Aquarius, which it entered in January 1998 and which it will finally leave in February 2012. Neptune is not very well placed in this air sign... where it is in fall! Our god of the seas has a definite tendency to disconnect in this element that drains him, gives him a hard time and puts him on the back foot! This incompatibility of nature and temperament has resulted in an overhaul of our values... and this is not over yet! This transit is culminating in great religious crises, extremism and a profound upheaval of our beliefs. At the same time, however, we are seeing the emergence of a deep spiritual renewal, a rediscovery of ancestral traditions and a little more respect and tolerance ... of all that is different.

Neptune tomorrow...

t the dawn of 2012, Neptune is going to move into its own element and take up position in the sign of the sign it rules, Pisces. We can hope for the best ... and fear the worst. Let us hope then that, in its affinity with the element of water, the planet will bring us to put empathy and inspiration first, and lead us to prioritise the elevation of the soul, rather than immerse us painfully in Neptunian meanderings, which would throw us into chaos, doubt and illusion. The future is ours and now is probably a good time to raise the tone of the debate and elevate the wonders of human nature. When all is said and done, “the stars influence but don't determine” (in the words of Ptolemy). We have complete power to open up the way or delay our way upwards... Fortunately (and sometimes, alas) we are free operators!

If you are an Aquarius...

Since 1998, you have been subject to Neptune's influence, which is both pernicious and enriching. Neptune is ill at ease with the currents generated by Aquarius. Water and thunder, the depths and transcendence - you are forced for better or worse to bear this constant turmoil, which has changed the course of your life considerably over the last twelve years. This titanic combat has certainly led you to change your ways completely and look carefully at your old ways of operating which had passed their sell-by date, comprehensively reviewing your fundamental approach and maybe flying at a higher level. This turbulent association predisposes towards consciousness disorders (depression for example),but also exalts Aquarius' adventurous spirit and a taste for discovery and excellence. With any bet, you have chosen the golden road, the one that will until 2012 inexorably lead you to free the way ... for your human siblings!

And our dear Pisceans...

From the beginning of February 2012, you will be host to your lord and master... Neptune rules your sign and could well dispose you towards immersing yourself in the sacred... You will be keen to broaden your horizons and open your mind to the unfamiliar. With any bet, under the tutelage of your majestic guide, you will be full of inspiration and cleverly inclined to raise the tone of the debate. You will certainly have to face doubt and illusions created by Neptune, but his residence in your sign will definitely help you to drop the mask and open your eyes, with the aim of finally freeing up your innate ability to see ... beyond everything!

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