The Planet Uranus

Written by Daisy

All you need to know about Uranus...

Uranus and paving the way for change... unavoidably! Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius and is all about friendship, brotherhood and universal love, but he can also lead us, if we do not consciously contain his power, on the road to intolerance, discrimination and heresy! Whilst he frees us from a lifestyle that is no longer relevant and stops us from being stuck in a rut, there is also a danger that he could lead some to go too far. Boastful about having a head-start on the rest of the world, he often imposes his progressive views, but takes little account of the difficulties of the rest of humanity in following in his enlightened steps. He sometimes steers very close to the edge of a precipice, which can at times be extremely dangerous. With Uranus, we should expect to come up against the extreme and flirt with the transcendent. The idea is to put aside our preconceived ideas with care and give free and open rein to ... our wildest ideas!

Uranus in our charts...

This is the planet of evolution and of great revolutions, which happen sooner or later over the course of our lives, and he never strikes by chance. If you feel that in one area or other of your life, you are showing a clear tendency to cling on to dead wood, you can bet that Uranus is behind everything, with his formidable energy for cutting to the quick and separating you forever from what is somehow slowing down your progress ... inwardly. Under his guidance, do not expect any indulgence and expect to be shaken to the core ... and on the surface. This is a planet with no qualms, inviting us to evolve without false hopes or beliefs and bury our old out-of-date ways for good.

When Uranus arrives, he provokes sudden awareness, dramatic breakdowns and all kinds of accidents and incidents that destabilise us momentarily, so that we can accept we need to let go and review everything that is holding us back! Never try to fight against the impact of Uranus. If at any time during your journey through life, you feel (or even fear) that you are going to have to give in and abandon old habits to start afresh, accept this extreme planet's influx of energy. If you do not give in to these commands to make changes, it will break you! But whilst the sudden fits of anger of this electrifying planet are to be feared, he can also be counted upon to transform our lives and add some spice to our time on earth! Discovered in March 1781 by musician and amateur astronomer, William Herschel, Uranus unveils and foreshadows future major upheavals.

This star that portrays itself as the defender of freedoms and the one that opens doors and overturns established codes, seems (by synchronicity) to have thus heralded the French Revolution, which in 1789 changed the face of the world by releasing the people from the shackles of the monarchy and the privileges assumed by a minority to be a divine right! With Uranus, Man places his faith in his own kind and exalts human virtues, demanding equality for all (alas, cutting off a few heads on the way). In this magnificent and terrifying episode, we can recognise the ambivalence of Uranus, who gives freely with one hand, but can also set himself up as a much more intransigent judge than the one whose diktat he refused to accept a short time before!

Uranus today...

On March 12th, 2011, Uranus inaugurated her race in the sign of Aries, which she will finish at the beginning of March 2019! Uranus the revolutionary is flirting with Mars, master of Aries and a giant warrior? If we hope for a golden age, we will undoubtedly struggle to unleash the manna and if we hope to grow, then we start drastic turns in our approach to solidarity, ecology and respect for everyone in the interest ... of all ! Thus, Uranus by precipitating the excess, by betting on excesses of all kinds and by awakening our destructive impulses also obliges us to confront our ultimate and magnificent ability to be reborn from our ashes and to opt for altitude and a greatness of soul to the detriment of gregarious instincts which chained us to our needs and gave us the brief illusion of being powerful. Powerful, we will be through the strength of Uranus, if we agree to serve her ultimately humanistic and disinterested cause and quickly opt for the royal road of love that will distance us from the social lure to reconcile us definitively with the greatness of the human race ... To be continued...

Uranus tomorrow...

Between May 15th and November 6th, 2018, Uranus will make an incursion into Taurus, a peaceful and slightly conservative sign, who often prefers to camp on their positions (even if the latter are uncomfortable) rather than to free themselves of their attachments (sentimental and material). Uranus does not evolve very easily on this ground and could generate impatient movements, temptations to turn the tide as much as to cling to its values. Let us, however, rely on Uranus to help us extract from this creative sign gifts and potentials previously unexplored or insufficiently exploited but also ... to let go of what hinders us because it no longer works! Uranus will settle, as of March 2019, in Taurus (until 2026) and will express its free spirited energy, certainly disruptive but probably essential to the achievement of surpassing oneself and outdated codes!

If You're an Aries...

Since March 12th, 2011, Uranus gives you tough love! You who have the reputation of being a magician, of overflowing with ideas (so much that you rarely bring them to fruition) and with energy will be able to experience the liberating and innovative power of this planet naturally linked to brilliant and spectacular discoveries and the most amazing and most wacky inventions! But if you have, from this date, an inexhaustible reservoir of creativity, take care not to use this force to believe you are authorized to do anything, to dare anything ... without compensation! Uranus in Aries should help us to set up revolutionary systems of thought, to breathe new life into our ideologies, to boost our vital forces, but at what cost? Dear Aries, the best, by definition, seems to you the enemy of the good. Certain passages may seem attractive but they are dangerous in the long term for the balance of the world. So, prefer an evolution in good conscience, which by opening a road towards tomorrow will then show the way to everything! You are by nature an initiator ... please stay that way!

If You're a Taurus...

Uranus makes a short visit between mid-May and the beginning of November 2018 but will settle more permanently in your sign from March 6th, 2019 (until April 26th, 2026)! Expect this electric planet to jostle you a little, or a lot, passionately ... No longer a question of being satisfied in your little corner but instead of maybe daring to embark on the adventure. Whether you want to make the most of your gifts or to discover some of them that are dormant in you, count on Uranus to wake you up and invite you to create and push back, to go beyond your limits. Also prepare yourself to undergo (or initiate if you agree to surf the nervous influxes of Uranus) ruptures on the emotional plane, which will inevitably be affected by this wind of change! Different meetings also to foresee and the need to review your priorities, to move the lines that a Taurus often has difficulty crossing? If you play the game, you will have the opportunity to deploy your talents more fully and why not capture some subtle waves that you can channel at best to create and listen to other worlds both inside and outside. In resonance with your element (earth) you could then serve as a grounding between the sky ... and the earth! A wonderful program to complete by agreeing to integrate (at least a little) the tremendous power of evolution that Uranus is now available. Double dare you?

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