The Planet Pluto

Written by Daisy

All you need to know about Pluto...

Pluto, the God of Metamorphosis... Pluto is the ruler and master of the sign of Scorpio! This is the planet of the depths of the human soul, inviting us to explore and gain a better understanding of these depths, to try to channel our most basic instincts, age-old fears and endless doubts. Pluto is first and foremost the God of the underworld in Roman mythology, a god that alarms us because he forces us to face our demons. But, although he appears to be indifferent to our prayers and entreaties, he does not inflict any soul-searching that is not actually essential to our development.

Pluto in our charts...

When this planet enters a sector of our birth chart, we can thus expect to have our convictions shaken and to be forced to look reality in the face! Under Pluto's guidance, human beings find they are obliged to jettison their points of reference, which are actually binding them to stultifying behaviour patterns. It is therefore time to wave good bye to the past and allow a small part of oneself to die, in order to venture into territory that is unknown but incredibly regenerative. The phoenix that dies and is reborn from the ashes is a good illustration of the plutonian process, which does not spare anything or anybody on its way, but ultimately enables us to develop a new version of ourselves, which is more in line with the essence of our being and in tune in particular with what we have chosen to achieve in this life. The grim planet sweeps away our certainties ... and our lies, but also allows us to discover our as yet unexplored potential and get to the heart of the matter! Pluto is formidable, it is true, but he also promises great and powerful creativity!

Under Pluto's reign, we may tremble at being brought face to face with our shameful urges and our socially inept side, but thanks to his powers of transformation, we also have the possibility of achieving the lucidity of those who know... and who ultimately have access to the Truth beyond all illusions! The place he occupies in each person's birth chart determines the area which will be most propitious for achievement, the area where metamorphosis will take place and the direction that will guide their destiny. Pluto takes around 250 years to orbit the zodiac and it is his passage through each sign that will determine the great upheavals which can be on both the social and individual front!

Pluto today...

At the moment Pluto is transiting the sign of Capricorn. This austere and uncompromising sign will be subject to plutonian wrath until 2024. We can bet that this will be a summit meeting that will change things considerably on the global front with regard to politics, the environment and our outdated view of the societies into which we are trying to evolve. A destruction of former patterns is the order of the day. Our current crises are beginning to reveal the urgent need to devise formats that are more concerned with human beings and great fundamental values, such as respect for the world about us and for every person on the planet; tolerance and coherent systems that must now take account of nations' legitimate aspirations to grow... sensibly. We wager that the road will be strewn with obstacles, as Capricorn shows a definite tendency to portray himself as the defender of morals and sometimes... tradition. Hence there could be a potential hiccup in Pluto's insistence that we progress at all costs and the instinctively saturnine fear of advocating ideas that are too avant-garde.

Pluto tomorrow...

Let us hope that between the impossibility of maintaining the status quo and the necessary and inevitable overhaul of our values, Pluto and Saturn end up agreeing on the essential: the desirable adaptation of Man to his environment. Pluto is sounding the death knell on our ambition to achieve total power, and encouraging us to re-evaluate our approach completely and without delay, by reallocating the cards as equitably as possible. Before it is too late! It is therefore up to us to play the game and each play our role, as it seems clear that, to continue living alongside each other, we are each going to have to learn to take action from now on ... in full awareness.

If you are a Capricorn...

Pluto is currently inviting you to upset a status quo that has become stultifying over the years and make a comprehensive review of your involvement ... not just regarding yourself, but your role in the world, as well. Your Sun is sooner or later going to have to face the shadow of Pluto, to determine new priorities and sort out the essential from the unimportant... It will then be time to let part of yourself die, in order to be reborn in full possession of your faculties. This is what Pluto has to offer, and if you wish to get the most out of this, accept that you need to address challenges and carry out all the essential reviews that will be on the agenda over the course of the years in an honest way...That way you will avoid having your hand forced by a planet that does not compromise over the work to be done, but will show gratitude if you comply courageously. You will avoid neither the jolts nor inevitable changes within yourself or to your lifestyle, but, at the end of the day and long before others, you will be able to discover and make use of the hidden treasures and gifts, which have until now been buried in your very depths. These will very quickly enable you to access the knowledge and enlightened joy of those who no longer fear anything!

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