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Virgo's detailed personality profile

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Virgo rises at the end of summer and the end of the harvest period. This sign is ruled by the planet Mercury, which symbolises communication ! Virgo is associated with the Sixth House, the house of everyday life, work and constraints. Learn about Virgo baby's profile.

The decans of Virgo

- The first decan begins on 23rd August and ends on 3rd September. It is ruled by Mercury and the Sun. Those born in the first decan are shy and modest.
- The second decan begins on 4 September and ends on 13 September. It is ruled by Mercury and Venus. Those born in this decan are ambitious and warm-hearted.
- The third decan begins on 14th September and ends on 22th September. It is ruled by Mercury twofold. Those born in this decan are gentle, sensitive and very rational.
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Horoscopes for Virgo

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Personality and Profile of Virgo

Those born under this Earth sign always take care of their appearance. Organised, independent and industrious by nature, Virgo are helpful and honest. They spend time reflecting on what needs to be done. This is a sign that wants to achieve set objectives and will pull all the odds in his or her favour, by remaining on the sidelines, quietly and observantly in order to achieve these goals. This is probably the reason why Virgo do well academically.

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This is also a sign that stands out for its powers of discernment and modesty. Virgoans are concerned more about doing a good job than outshining others. This is a personality that relies on the brain rather than personal feelings to achieve. There is no point in asking a Virgo to follow their intuition - quite the reverse!

Virgoans prefer everything to be in order, which explains why the sign is seen as a serious one, searching for absolute perfection. They often take a back seat, allowing themselves to be led, when they could quite easily take the reins! They are devoted to others and able to view all situations in perspective. Being able to stand back to this extent is a good thing in a work environment, where you need to be able to keep your cool!

Virgo are thrifty, managing their finances carefully and never living beyond their means. The fact that they are so meticulous in their work means that they adopt the same approach to their finances and everyday life. They love life and are capable of giving their all in the name of love! They aim for absolute perfection… at work, in love and with their friends!

Being just as concerned about the natural environment as their emotional environment, Virgo like getting out into the open countryside. It is not unusual for them to work for the protection of flora and fauna.

Strengths of Virgo

Virgo are cautious, thorough and sensible. They make really gifted teachers, with their fluent powers of communication and their sincere joy in passing on all that they know! They are very adept at looking after the comforts of their nearest and dearest and will not neglect the small detail in doing so, which is touching and shows the extent of their affection.

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Weaknesses of Virgo

Virgoans' concern for detail, like their excessive curiosity and their obsession with doing a good job, does not always work in their favour, Their quest for personal happiness can be seen by others as egotism. Their manic obsession can make them intolerant towards others. Their analytical ability can make it very difficult for them to grasp the broad picture, which is essential in some jobs or in certain situations. They need help in doing so, whatever they say.

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Particular Symbols of Virgo

Virgo are quiet, independent and organised, preferring to be in control in all circumstances. They are especially concerned with their health and fitness, and are good at taking care of themselves on a regular basis. They are looking for a peaceful life in all respects.

Career of Virgo

Virgoans can be relied upon in the workplace, liking accuracy, seriousness, small detail and efficiency; in a word, they like to do a good job. They do not need a well-paid job to feel fulfilled, but like working as part of a team, where they are motivated by competition and collective success.

Differences between Male and Female Virgo

The female Virgoan, being meticulous and very “straight, chooses a partner with this in mind. For her, there is no question of getting it wrong: she has to choose the perfect man. Her desire is to take on a lifelong project, based entirely on comfort and security.

The Virgoan male is an honest and sincere partner. He will choose his other half meticulously, with the aim of finding perfection. He wants to set up home and live in perfect harmony!

Emotional Profile of Virgo

Pleasure is important to Virgo and sex is a determining element in their conquest of the object of desire. Fundamentally anxious, they are on the perpetual hunt for amorous sensation. They are very modest and prefer to hide their definite taste for a richly intense sex life. Whilst they are shy, they are deeply sensual and generally seek emotional stability. Although faithful, they can nevertheless go for an affair on the quiet out of pure curiosity.

Sexuality of Virgo

Virgo never enter a relationship without having thought about it beforehand. Blessed with a strong libido, this Earth sign, once he or she feels secure, likes to enjoy earthly pleasures with great sensuality. Virgoans need intellectual stimulation to be able to let go completely. Being curious about everything, they appreciate subtlety and good taste. They may be perfectionists, even where sex is concerned, but are also epicurean, liking to have all their senses awakened and show their highly sexy side.

Portrait of Virgo

Element: Earth sign
Strenght: Disciplined
Weakness: Introverted
Personality type : Attentive to detail
Keyword: Cautious
Outlook: Analytical
Physical: Intestines, the spleen
Color: Grey
Gemstone: Flint
Metal: Platinuium

Signs that have affinities with Virgo :
- Capricorn
- Scorpio
- Cancer
- Taurus
Signs less compatible, meeting with some resistance: :
- Aquarius
- Libra
- Gemini
- Aries
- Leo
Opposite sign of the zodiac/polarity: Pisces.

Astro Celebrities of Virgo

Famous Virgoans:
- Beyoncé
- Claudia Schieffer
- Adriana
- Hugh Grant
- Mickael Jackson
- Richard Gere
- Pedro Almodovar
- Keenu Reeves
- Greta Garbo

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