The Planet Jupiter

Written by Daisy

All you need to know about Jupiter :

Jupiter, the great benefactor: Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius and tells us about human ambition. Whether on the human, social or spiritual front, the giant planet (the largest in the solar system) has a tendency to amplify and increase everything with which it comes into contact. From the King of the Gods, we can therefore expect the best ... and the worst! Whereas Saturn has a tendency to put plans in order and construct, to give structure to our behaviour and existence, Jupiter will breathe life into and give spiritual breadth to this structure, and put life into its construction.

Jupiter dispenses opportunities and we can count on his presence to liven up and launch an event, and get things moving. He prompts encounters, which will enable us to experience and add to the great transformation cycles governed and heralded by the movement of the denser planets (Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn),a group headed by Jupiter with panache! Jupiter has the reputation of being a generous provider and encouraging expansion in all areas of life, often representing the falling of manna from heaven! We should be careful however of this very optimistic and therefore very Jovian view of this planet, because if Jupiter promises the moon, we must not forget that by tradition, he is the god of thunder and can also then strike and destroy!

Jupiter in our charts :

Where Saturn brings limitation, constraint and sometimes renunciation, Jupiter invites us to broaden our horizons and push back the frontiers of the possible. It is no longer a question of measuring and containing, but of widening, increasing... and blossoming. Under Jupiter's tutelage, the individual asserts him or herself, finding his or her place and official status in society. He or she aims to integrate successfully and sometimes reach the top. Under Jupiter's guidance, we think big and want things... sometimes everything!

The planet thus inflates our aspirations and depending on the place it occupies in our birth chart, it will intensify our desire to gain social and material ascendancy. It encourages us to excel by achieving our objectives and at the same time essentially obtaining society's approval. In this way all professions conferring a good reputation in one way or another and inspiring respect will be equated with the function of Jupiter. Judges, teachers and leaders of all kinds symbolically represent the will to impose this and the desire for knowledge, which are linked to the generous, ambitious and sometimes excessive nature of the planet. And for those whose quest is no longer satisfied by small short-term glories, the philosophical or spiritual side will represent the ultimate achievement of Jovian power. While Jupiter likes to dictate laws and referee exchanges... on Earth... he is no less keen to elevate our ideals and increase our abilities to transcend the terrestrial plan and take off... up into the heavens!

Jupiter is very often represented in mythology by an eagle that glides above the crowd with its wings outstretched and therefore rises above human concerns, expressing our need for ... the divine.

But it also expresses our thirst for discovery and desire to escape, travel and explore other lands, pushing back the frontiers of the mind to their highest levels! Those with personalities influenced by this planet will often be tempted to emigrate and sometimes choose activities that will take them far away from their birthplace, blossoming as soon as they take to the road... elsewhere! Jupiter opens doors and essentially endows us with heaven's graces, feeding our imaginations and often unleashing the opportunities that will write our destiny.... Jupiter inspires philosophy and gives meaning to the information conveyed by Mercury, organising it into a coherent whole. It brings wider vision to the intellect.

We should be careful, however, not to abuse the power conferred by the planet in all its possibilities and similarly in all its excesses, in order to feed our megalomaniac tendencies, waste our vital energy, or adopt bulimic behaviour. We should take care not to be dragged along in the wake of those who, devoured by ambition, are in danger of being called to order one day by Saturn, who will come along and punish their transgressions... and make them face up to their responsibilities by depriving them of everything!

On the physical front, Jupiter represents liver function and the quality of blood circulation, and is associated with the hips and thighs...He stimulates our enthusiasm, increases our generous impulses tenfold. If we manage to channel the lively forces he instinctively generates, he will enable us some day to attain our ideals, whether terrestrial, worldly or ultimately... divine.

Jupiter today:

From December 19th onwards, Jupiter will transit in Aquarius exalting in us an aspiration for a more present social justice. The opportunity to straighten the helm and steer the common ship towards a more idealistic and necessarily progressive conception of the path to take and above all to review and correct! A new horizon can therefore open up and a new world can begin to emerge.

It is up to us, however, to know how to best manage this indispensable, inevitable evolution, to avoid perhaps locking ourselves into an overly absolute, idealized vision of the goal to be reached if we want our dream to become a reality without causing too much damage! Let us note however that Jupiter will cross on its way to Uranus (January 17, 2021)! Palpable tensions on the horizon, radical choice to be made and possible social upheavals at the end! Without excluding some earthquakes and earth tremors to be expected. A beginning of the year that promises to be hectic for you and in fact for everyone!

Jupiter will migrate provisionally in the sign of Pisces between May 13 and July 28, 2021! A first stage of preparation for something else that will become clearer in 2022. In the meantime, Jupiter in Pisces can help us both to raise the debate, our level of consciousness, and to spread a sense of confusion in our minds and in the world. From July 28th, Jupiter will resume its race in Aquarius until the end of December 2021! It is up to us to make good use of these profoundly reforming flows to innovate without necessarily destroying everything, and then prepare the ground for what is to come and which we hope will be a factor of growth both on a human and purely material level.

Aquarius friends, Jupiter which crosses your sign in 2021 marks the beginning of a new 12-year cycle of expansion (evolution). A new start that could well be radical. This is the time to let go of old beliefs that have been dragging you back too long, to embark on new adventures, to believe in yourself without forgetting to sometimes qualify your approach.
It will indeed be a question of changing, not necessarily to make the entourage carry the load.

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