The Planet Venus

Written by Daisy

All you need to know about Venus :

Venus seductive in love... always! Venus rules the signs of Taurus and Libra. In the first of these signs, it expresses the Earth element in a sensual way and leads us into carnal delights and pleasures of an oral nature (love of food, for example),which are often associated with the voluptuous Taurus. In Libra, the planet is more concerned with harmony and courtly love, inspired exchanges and the quest for ideals which are closely linked with the sign's Air element! Venus is a personal planet which orbits the zodiac in 224 days and tells us about our approach to love and feelings! It also hurries us without hesitation down the slope towards desire, attraction and physical love.

This sublime goddess represents the female, not as a mother or wife, but as lover, mistress and irresistible seductress. Venus is also about beauty and elegance, and governs all places dedicated to pleasure (theatres etc...).

Venus fuels our libido and can also be relied upon to develop our talents and extol our artistic ability, to set us more subtly on the road towards Neptune (the next level up from Venus),through earthly attractions and what at first sight seems to be her physical essence. This will gradually make our urges more spiritual and transform our thirst for earthly enjoyment into an aspiration towards sublime transcendence...

Venus in our charts:

Whereas Mars in our chart generally informs us about the kind of man we can get on with, Venus on the other hand tells us what kind of woman attracts us and is likely to retain our attention... and moreover, whether there is a natural affinity! As a symbol of Beauty, love and sexual desire, Venus is going to foster interchange, encounters and relationships. Her harmonious transits through our birth chart will encourage emotional fulfilment and often inform us when it is propitious to go for a transient relationship or one involving more intense emotions. If the planet receives negative aspects in our chart, we can expect to have to face problem areas connected with jealousy and possessiveness, and occasionally a complicated approach to the games of love!

As the planet and muse of artists, Venus endows us with a taste for beautiful things and encourages us (when she is part of a good configuration) to express our talents in all kinds of ways! Art, love, seduction, personal magnetism, attraction and inclination towards all pleasures of the flesh... the festive programme is vast. We should not however neglect to highlight the shadow of Venus, which can lead us to throw caution to the winds and overdo everything, indulging in the throes of pleasure, definitely, but also those of jealousy and greed. If we whet our appetites to excess, we lay ourselves open at some point to withdrawal symptoms and frustation.

On the physical plane, Venus is associated with the female organs, the circulation and the throat (a typically Taurean attribute),and also renal function (governed by the sign of Libra). Many beautiful singing voices (whether of the variety type or belonging to female stars or amateurs) benefit from an unlimited flow of Venusian inspiration, but the planet protects and fully inspires all those who have artistic talent, to whatever extent. Venus therefore fosters and encourages all signs of beauty and love, informing us about our seductive powers and powers of attraction, but also about nature and the way we express our feelings (freely or otherwise, complexes or no complexes...).

Venus is an ally of mortal beings in their quests, but we should not forget that Venus also had the power to bewitch the Gods and throw them headlong into the dizzying experiences of love. So, if we are quite often tempted to give in to the pressing demands of the “affectionate goddess”, we can sometimes end up paying dearly for our sudden urges, impulses, whirlwind romances and other aphrodisiac tendencies...But after all, and far beyond the wise recommendations which are very often dictated more out of fear of suffering than the hope of finding love, we should take note ( just for the fun of it, as this inevitably and wonderfully comes from Venus) of the famous adage which teaches us that at the school of Venus, when you are in love... you do not count the cost!

The position of Venus in your horoscope is an indicator of your deepest values and your creative abilities. Depending on her position, with positive or negative aspects, she can develop talent or encourage you to be more successful in love. She endows you with diplomatic skills and either makes the influence of Mars more rounded, or exalts it (in Aries and Scorpio especially).

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