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Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac, rises when autumn is underway. This sign is ruled by Venus, the symbol of Love! Libra is associated with the Seventh House, the house of marriage, contracts, unions… Learn about Libra baby's profile.

The decans of Libra

- The first decan of Libra begins on 23rd September and ends on 3rd October. It is ruled by the Venus and the Moon. Those born in the first decan are emotional and very often led by their feelings.
- The second decan begins on 4th October and ends on 14rd October. It is ruled by Venus and Saturn. Libra born in the 2nd decan need others and have a sense of justice.
- The third decan begins on 15 October and ends on 22 October. It is ruled by Venus and Jupiter. Those born in the 3rd decan are very sociable and love adventure.

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Horoscopes for Libra

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Personality and Profile of Libra

Libra is one of the most pleasant signs: Libra are charming, sociable and blessed with an unusually agile mind. They are good at building relationships in an atmosphere of harmony.

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Libra do not like conflict and will always act in a measured way, in the interests of their living environment, which they would prefer to be calm. This is a sign that needs to be kept happy and completely reassured. For this sign, there is no question of changing course and setting off on an adventure, without having thought long and hard about the project. Libra need a certain routine and stability to be able to live in harmony.

This is also why Libra run from some responsibilities, that they find too hard to assume. They constantly weigh up the pros and cons before coming to a decision… which can also mean they never take any real decisions. This is a real handicap for them, making them have to use other ploys so that it is not so obvious. In fact, Libra want to be liked and win people over, and do not wish to reveal this facet of their personality to others. They need other people to such an extent, that they sometimes have to lie in order to feel at ease! They will never admit to being indecisive, nor even that they like routine!

Being concerned about their image, they know how to play on their numerous strengths, both physical and verbal, to make a good impression on those around them. Skilful and often very intelligent, they like taking on responsibilities that show them in a good light, but these are sometimes unfortunately too much for them, because they are not exacting enough and can be lazy.

Libra is a very romantic sign and is liked by everyone: natural, charming, cheerful… This sign enjoys life and is optimistic, carrying you with them along in their quest for happiness. These extroverts born under this sign will give you inspiration and keep you in good humour at all times.

Strengths of Libra

Libra are harmonious and diplomatic in all circumstances. This is one of the most balanced signs in the zodiac, making them charming and very accommodating.

Do not hesitate to please yourself by discovering your qualities "the qualites of Libra" !

Weaknesses of Libra

Libra are often indecisive. Their tendency to be self-centred sometimes makes them seem superficial. They are too often inclined to doubt the soundness of their ideas and values, which makes them too easily influenced by strong personalities.

If you want to have a global view of your defects, here is an article not to be missed!: "Libra defects" !

Particular Symbols of Libra

Libra prefer to live in peace and always put harmony first, even if this goes against the truth, and appreciate the commitment of their loved-ones to the same. As excellent diplomats, they will always know how to get out of an aggravating situation. Running away is their safety valve, as they are very sensitive!

Career of Libra

In the workplace, Libra are able to demonstrate their diplomatic skills. They are skilful mediators, being able to be both tactful and discerning. Their intuition enables them to create strategies founded on lies sometimes to gloss over things and achieve their ends more rapidly. In a situation like this, this sign will however take care to conserve part of the truth, so he or she does not lose face completely if unmasked. By running from conflict, this Air sign will be able to disappear from the scene, if the situation becomes awkward. Although they easily assume the role of mediator, they will shift the problem rather than sort it.

Differences between Male and Female Libra

Female Libra are very sensual and know how to attract their other half by playing to their strengths. They are excellent in the roles of lover and wife, seductive, charming and always finding a kind word!

Libra men are kind, sincere and imaginative, showing their romantic side in their constant concern for the happiness of their other half! They are a delight to be with - knowing that it is also up to their partner to take on the responsibilities that they themselves are avoiding!

Emotional Profile of Libra

The Libra emotional profile is complex, because nothing is more important for this sign than to be in a relationship. Libra are charming and romantic, capable of showing great affection when they feel confident. In return, they ask for unfailing commitment, as they need to feel secure.

However, there is a slight reservation in that Libra consider that short flings do not do any damage to relationships. A good dose of patience and great understanding will therefore be required from the loved-one, to realise that these secret affairs do not constitute betrayal on the Libra's part.

Libra Sexuality

Libra appreciate good taste, including in sensuality and love in the broad sense of the word. This Air sign is very careful of their appearance and is more or less the ideal lover by nature. In fact, while this is a charming, calm and very sensual sign, Libra put harmony first at all costs. They are ready to do anything to live and enjoy a peaceful life, adapting their words to fit in with their partner. Their legendary kindness is immediately attractive and their tastes are often exquisite.

Portrait of Libra

Element: Air Sign
Strenght: Balanced
Weakness: Easily influenced
Personality type : Refined
Keyword: Harmonious
Outlook: Sense of justice
Physical: Ears, kidneys
Color: Pale green
Gemstone: Diamond
Metal: Copper

Signs that have affinities with Libra :
- Gemini
- Sagittarius
- Aquarius

Less compatible signs, meeting with some resistance :
- Cancer
- Virgo
- Capricorn
Opposite sign of the zodiac/polarity: Aries

Astro celebrities of Libra

Libra celebrities::
- Nietzsche
- John Lennon
- Ray Charles
- Michaël Douglas
- Monica Bellucci
- Matt Damon

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