Virgo's horoscope for September 2025

Written by Daisy

Here is your period: Indeed, the Sun in your home until the 22nd, accompanied by Mercury from the 2nd to the 18th, mostly favours putting you in the spotlight. Your analytical mind should work at full speed! Mars activates your finance sector until the 21st: your professional affairs will take you. Your decisions can balance your budget. Then this planet slides into Scorpio. Your morale will be curious and efficient. Uranus infuses your professional destiny with a wind of freedom that you will find a little hard to follow (1st decan). Accept the unexpected. Pluto and Neptune invite you to believe in your lucky star while understanding that all is in perpetual movement! The conjugal or contractual sphere will be subjected to the pressure of Saturn; you will be demanding. As of the 23rd, your wants pass to the foreground.

Virgo: Love in General para September 2025

Virgo: Until the 18th, your feelings are asleep. Then Venus flows into your sign, and your aura is embellished! Your emotional expression will be easy and fluid. Your very playful sensuality from the 1st to the 21st will calm down a little. Then you will need to use words to show your carnal attraction.

Virgo: In a relationship para September 2025

Virgo: It will be challenging to express your feelings to your other half. After the 18th, the climate lights up! Your partner, from the 2nd, will require your full commitment and presence. Prove your love by sensuality until the 21st.

Single para September 2025

Virgo: Between activity and a powerful desire, do not make a mistake in seduction. This month invites you to take your time and find the words to say it. Your friends could help you meet someone nice that you wish to pursue, especially the 1st decan.

Virgo: Career / Finance para September 2025

Virgo: Your professional life requires changes, even sudden reversals of a situation. Between Uranus and Saturn, you will have to manage the future and the past. Pluto makes you understand that a crisis is necessary to rebuild something more real. The end of the month favours your finances, a raise?

Virgo: Advice from FREE Horoscope para September 2025

Virgo: A few changes will be coming that may significantly affect your professional life. Don't be afraid. Move forward with the certainty that the best awaits you. The energies push you to free yourself a little, great!

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