Aquarius's horoscope for September 2025

Written by Daisy

Between introspection and ideal, you start this new school year with intensity! Virgo's planets (the Sun from the 1st to the 22nd and Mercury from the 2nd to the 18th) reinforce your inner search. Some changes may be inevitable. Mars in Libra until the 21st, in beautiful aspect to your sign, helps you reverse the difficulties. You will act in the best of your interests. Pluto in your home gives you a powerful force. Your aura imposes some on others. Love incites you to make a pact with your partner, and then, on the 19th, your feelings lead you to some excess. Don't be jealous or suspicious. After the 22nd, the professional sphere could force you to wage war with your colleagues. Stay zen! Saturn, on the 2nd, encourages you to review your budget. Don't throw money out the window. After the 23rd, you are performing well.

Aquarius: Love in General para September 2025

Aquarius: A lot of emotional intensity invites you to express your feelings, which will be intense and passionate. However, after the 22nd, your lack of self-confidence may reflect on what you give to your loved one or your crush. Don't scare the other away out of clumsiness.

Aquarius: In a relationship para September 2025

Aquarius: The first three weeks of the month are a good time to be together. You will have a lot of desire to share and feelings to express. Take advantage of it! The end of the month is tenser. Professional stress could tarnish your conjugal life.

Single para September 2025

Aquarius: From the 7th, Uranus asks you to welcome a radical change. Keep an eye out because love at first sight could change your status! Until the 18th, you aspire to a stable union, and your feelings will be tense; then, after the 19th, passion will inflame your heart.

Aquarius: Career / Finance para September 2025

Aquarius: Saturn is coming back to your financial sector. Something has to be reviewed and finalized. Review your long-term assets and consolidate what needs to be consolidated. From the 19th, Jupiter and Venus could trigger a cash inflow. Do you have bank investments? Your work looks stable, but watch your impetuosity after the 22nd.

Aquarius: Advice from FREE Horoscope para September 2025

Aquarius: Pluto favours your attractiveness and inner strength, so whatever you're experiencing this fall, you'll have the resources to deal with worry and discord. Don't force anything and let go if necessary.

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