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March 2019 love horoscope for Gemini

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Forbidden to Go it Alone!
Uranus slips into the shadow of your sign. Now is the time to access certain areas of darkness and address them, in order to free yourself from what has always been hindering your journey. Jupiter invites you to get closer to your entourage, engage yourself, or release yourself from a bond in an amicable way. Count on this giant of the zodiac to take a step towards the other. In March, Venus extols your desire to live stories that meet your expectations!

1st decan (May 21st - May 31st): Possible Internal Turmoil!
Uranus forces you to become aware of events that you have buried and that give you food for thought. Do not skip over what bothers you or disturbs you because you will have to face it one way or another. This is the opportunity to understand yourself more and to be more lucid about yourself, in order to correct what was preventing you from evolving. Count on Venus to reach an ideal because, at the end of the month, your irresistible charm should rally many votes around you!

In a Relationship You must accept sticking to your past to clearly understand what makes you reproduce the same negative patterns in love. Venus will exalt your desire to change the bond of unanimity!

Single Uranus pushes you into your subconscious entrenchment and invites you to shed light on it. A process that will lead you to better understand your entire story. Venus will boost your desire to escape the routine, to see big in love, and to increase your popularity.

2nd decan (June 1st - June 10th) : The Head and the Heart a Little Elsewhere?
Love is not your priority, you will have other things in mind. You will mobilize your forces to relay your professional ambitions more than to seduce. However, bet on Venus, which will endow you with a charm that will win over who ever is close to your heart, plead your case, and inspire the admiration of those around you.

In a Relationship a month where you will be dedicated to a cause that is beyond you. Venus will exalt your inspiration rather than your sensuality but no one should complain about it because you have the gift of rallying the votes and we will praise your efforts to reach an ideal!

Single you are very busy carrying out a mission that exalts you. You will make every effort to convince your entourage to believe you and to follow you. You have all the luck on your side!

3rd decan (June 11th - June 20th: Blah!
Tensions to be dreaded at the beginning of the month when it seems like you ask for too much! In March, you will have a tendency to place your ambitions above all else. Even if it means making your partner angry because they will hardly appreciate your overflows! Of course, you are keen to change your status, but that's no reason to forget those who love you! Bet on Venus to seduce who you like with every chance to achieve it!

In a Relationship Of course, you have work to convince your partner that your choices are the right ones and that your claims are legitimate! But remember to worry about your loved ones who will feel a little forgotten. Venus will help you reconnect with complicity if you do not take advantage of it to make cutting remarks to your lover!

Single You would be well inspired to show yourself less demanding because you will seek, above all, to affirm yourself more than to take a step towards the other. If you want to catch the attention of someone who might fall for you, be careful not to provoke or hurt them, sometimes unconsciously!

Advice from FREE Horoscope
You will want to make yourself noticed at work rather than consume yourself with love ... One does not prevent the other! Try to save some of your time to cultivate the relationship or to inquire about a heart for the taking!


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