Pisces's horoscope for January 2022

Written by Daisy

Pisces: Astral Climate for January 2022

You need to put yourself forward, even if it means showing off a little. If you are unemployed, this is an ideal time to apply for a job with the certainty that your skills are recognized. Travel and study are very beneficial to you. You are much more confident, feel entitled, and do what it takes to improve your living conditions with optimism, warmth, and generosity. These good influences should be exploited to the fullest. You perceive an improvement in your material situation. Your life is getting organized.

Pisces: Mood for January 2022

Something changed in your situation or in the way you perceive it. You become capable of considering new previously unknown perspectives and applying them in the concrete reality of your existence. In January, all kinds of external events help you turn your life around smoothly, successfully, and without tears or regrets. Circumstances are favorable to you, but you still have to exploit them. You are brimming with charm, and you have the opportunity to experience unknown delights, dare to express your desires.

Pisces: Love for January 2022

You can count on Jupiter to strengthen your energies and make you want to open up another field of possibilities. Whether in love or in the family, enthusiasm is there and the desire to take on new challenges. Don't deprive yourself of this. Suppose you've been working on tender projects in December. In that case, you're putting them into action and rallying support for your daring plans. You're working to bring to fruition projects that are important to you. Whether it's conceiving a child, starting a home, moving to a place more in line with your aspirations, or seducing someone you like. You have no shortage of assets.

Pisces: Money for January 2022

Your finances are protected by Venus, which brings you good luck in your investments. It is also possible that you will benefit from a debt repayment or a reward at work. Your assets are not at risk in January, but you must remain realistic and disciplined to invest in solid assets: a house, improvements to your home. Don't hesitate to ask for estimates and work out a budget that makes sense. Seek professional advice before deciding on a significant transaction.

Pisces: Work for January 2022

Jupiter endows you with a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to go beyond yourself, to move forward. When it comes to a project, it's time to take action and finally unveil your plans. But don't let this stop you from taking a step back from events. You are showing a great fighting spirit. Bold and enterprising, you have no difficulty putting forward your plans, and your original tone is seductive. But don't speak up until you have clearly defined your intentions and the way forward. Don't bully your superiors. They like your qualities and your inspired vision of the world for a while. They don't appreciate your trying to impose your law. You are on your way to realizing a well-thought-out life project.

Pisces: Leisure for January 2022

Mars keeps you under pressure for most of January, and you need to manage your energy as best you can. Treat yourself to moments of relaxation, idleness, and conviviality. Shake off your usual laziness and force yourself to do a minimum of physical exercise which will induce healthy fatigue and prevent you from brooding over non-existent problems. With your friends, you have the most fun, far from your possible professional worries. Walks, restaurants, and good-natured competitions will do you good.

Pisces: Key dates for January 2022

- On the 2nd, the New Moon encourages your initiatives. This is the time to believe in yourself and your daring plans.
- On the 9th, you need to sift through your desires to make sure they really correspond to your most essential needs.
- On the 14th, if discussions and negotiations are going on behind the scenes, do not try to speed up the process. Wait until February to re-launch the debates under better conditions.
- On the 16th, a life project mobilizes you and transforms your life. Think it over and review the reasons for this choice.
- On the 29th, discuss your projects with your loved ones to see clearly and sort out the essentials from the superfluous, to build your future on a solid basis, because maturely reflected.

Pisces: Advice for January 2022

Don't miss an opportunity to make a mark on people's minds or hearts. Jupiter encourages you, and Saturn puts less pressure on you in January. Think before you act and speak to avoid mistakes that could damage your popularity. The sky is rather dynamic and gives you friendly energy to channel to not give the impression to others that you are trying to control everything and everyone.

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