Libra's horoscope for August 2025

Written by Daisy

This month promises to be a good month for relationships! Indeed, until the 22nd, the energies in Leo boost your social life. You should be well surrounded. Communication will be more comfortable after the 11th. From the 6th, Mars is at home, so you will be assured of dynamism at all times. Intimate relationships take precedence this summer. Saturn and Neptune in your sector attached to the conjugal or contractual sphere, invite you to be cautious. Seriously, you will want a stable relationship without ambiguity. Pluto goes into Aquarius and breathes a powerful desire for change in the 1st decan. A step will be crossed either with your love or with your children if you are a parent. Together Venus and Jupiter soften any professional tension and initiate the evolution you hope for. The end of the month is studious.

Libra: Love in General para August 2025

Libra: Your cooperation will be easy if you opt for the diplomacy that characterizes you, give your partner the freedom to be themselves. They will do the same for you. After the 6th, your sensuality could reach new heights. Express your feelings more and take care of what you say, especially before the 11th.

Libra: In a relationship para August 2025

Libra: You will need security in your union, but don't stifle your partner. Communicate tactfully and frankly if there are any problems between the 1st and 11th. Mars, starting on the 6th, helps you prove the power of your desire.

Single para August 2025

Libra: A passionate encounter awaits you around the corner this summer, especially the 1st decan. Your friends could spark a romance or demonstrations of all kinds. Are you militant at heart? From the 6th, you will be involved and dynamic. Who could resist you?

Libra: Career / Finance para August 2025

Libra: Your charm should facilitate your professional initiatives from the 1st to the 24th. Uranus could encourage an unexpected inflow of cash from external help; banking, or legal, have you applied? Watch the contractual sphere, read between the lines if necessary, is a work contract about to be signed or modified?

Libra: Advice from FREE Horoscope para August 2025

Libra: With many people around you, you take care of your relationships as you know how to do so well. This month should be a good one if you get rid of hesitant behaviour.

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