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Scorpio rises when autumn is in full swing and the leaves are falling, when nature is going through complete transformation. This is also the season for sowing seeds for the next life cycle. This sign is ruled by Mars, the God of War and Pluto, symbolising transformation, the God of the Dead and the Underworld. Scorpio is associated with the Eighth House, which represents change and renewal. Learn about Scorpio baby's profile.

The decans of Scorpio

- The first decan begins on 23rd October and ends on 3rd November. It is ruled by Mars. Those born in the first decan are generally combative, full of energy and bold.
- The second decan begins on the 4th November and ends on the 13th November. This is ruled by the Sun and the planet Mars, which sometimes makes those born in this decan confused and incoherent: sometimes they can be discreet and then proud.
- The third decan starts on 14 November and ends on 22 November. It is ruled by Mars and Venus, which give it passion. Those born in this decan also excel in the Arts.
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Horoscopes for Scorpio

You will find all the links to consult quickly your different horoscopes for the sign of Scorpio:
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- Yearly Horoscope for Scorpio

Personality and Profile of Scorpio

A person born under the sign of Scorpio is a whole person, sensual and passionate, who uses all his or her power to charm and captivate that significant Other.

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This Water sign is particularly attracted by anything that seems mysterious, secret and even unattainable. The more difficult the goal to attain, the more formidable the passionate approach and the greater the stake.
Scorpio are capable of anything to achieve their ends. They know how to use all their wiles to achieve their ultimate goal, being prepared to lie and manipulate.

More than anything else, they hate being betrayed or abandoned. This is probably why they are on the outlook for The One, the person who can offer them the life of their dreams, so they can be happy.

This sign, which can be formidable if upset, is very astute in his/her perception of things. Scorpio like using their natural magnetism to make themselves liked and accepted. They are very good at the art of secrecy. This is a wilful, strong, cunning and mysterious personality.

Scorpio use all their senses to live life to the full and can frequently change direction during their course of life. They are alert to anything that thrills them or that makes them feel alive. They go through periods of intense happiness and periods of doubt. Their morale goes up and down… depending on the people that they meet on the way and that they sometimes try to win over. They can also break out at any moment and it is better to be forewarned.

Scorpio therefore demand fidelity in love. Be prepared to rescue them when they need it, as these are not necessarily the ones you would expect to be able to stand up to the cold, heat, fasting or even radiation! However, they know better than anyone else how to how to manage conflict and can get moving if they need to.

These are passionate individuals who take everything in their stride. They can cope with opposing feelings and situations at the same time: love and hate; sadness and happiness; disputes and harmony!

Strengths of Scorpio

Scorpio are discreet and can keep a secret for life, making them very considerate friends, who are always prepared to listen. Their friends and family can have absolute confidence in them.

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Weaknesses of Scorpio

Scorpio are wary and do not automatically trust other people. This is a fault that so often works against them, they have a reputation for being difficult to gauge. They are pathologically jealous. They are capable of self-destructive behaviour, when feeling under threat or upset by a situation, but this is often unintentional.

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Particular Symbols of Scorpio

Sorpios are possessive and demand exclusivity from others! They are lively, passionate and charismatic!

Career of Scorpio

Scorpio at work are determined and obstinate. They will feel in their element carrying out tasks involving minute detail and secrecy. Professionally speaking, they can be trusted, discretion being one of their strong points.

Differences between Male and Female Scorpio

Female Scorpio have great charisma, attracting looks from all around! They like to be cherished and fussed over, spoiled by those around them, and by their partner, whom they prefer to be charming, seductive and sensual.

Male Scorpio are mysterious and discreet, keeping their feelings concealed. They do not like defeat and prefer to internalise their feelings, rather than proclaim them far and wide. They are very together, but can also show a jealous side.

Emotional Profile of Scorpio

The Scorpio emotional profile can attract lust, as their love-life is nearly always hot and steamy. In fact Scorpio know how to play their sexual trump cards, combining a passionate nature with a genuine love of life. They attract attention wherever they go with their formidable charm and no-one can be indifferent to them. They are also vulnerable, so it is better not to hurt them, as their revenge can be terrible! Their jealousy can make them sometimes too ‘intrusive' with those they love.

Scorpio Sexuality

This is one of the most active signs sexually speaking. Scorpio are in fact wildly erotic. Nevertheless, they are difficult to gauge, being very secretive, including in love. This Water sign has a very strong libido that he/ she prefers to hide behind a discreet appearance. They are passionate lovers, but are very jealous once they have given their trust in love. ‘Hot' and perspicacious, they are clever manipulators at unveiling the most deeply hidden sensual desires of their partners.

Portrait of Scorpio

Element: Water sign
Strenght: Discretion
Weakness: Jealousy
Personality type : Introverted
Keyword: Mystery
Outlook: I want
Physical: Reproductive Organs
Color: Dark red and black
Gemstone: Topaz
Metal: Iron

Signs that have an affinity with Scorpio :
- Cancer
- Pisces
- Capricorn

Signs less compatible, meeting with some resistance :
- Taurus
- Leo
- Aquarius
Oppsite sign of the zodiac/polarity: Taurus

Astro Celebrities of Scorpio

Famous Scorpio include:
-Leonardo Di Caprio
- Björk
- Wayne Rooney
- Pablo Picasso
- Julia Roberts

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