The Planet Saturn

Written by Daisy

All you need to know about Saturn...

Saturn, the great teacher! Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn and invites us to reflect on the notion of time. Under his tutelage, it is not a question of speeding things up or rushing things...but rather of obeying the instructions to be cautious from this austere planet, which sometimes suffers from a very sombre reputation, given that his main task is to teach us that we do not get anything... for nothing. If we are to have any hope of realising our dreams one day, it will not be about merely hoping or acting on our enthusiasm. Instead, we will need to structure our plans, strengthen our determination and decide on our ambitions, so that we can ultimately realise them.

But whilst Saturn puts us and our powers of endurance to the test, he can, assuming we accept his authority, lead us to the top, enabling us to reach our ideals, whether social, intellectual or even mystical! Whereas Saturn demands discipline and persistence, he also ultimately gives us the immense satisfaction of feeling we have done the right thing and perhaps not least... of being in tune with our inner soul!

Saturn in our charts...

Saturn, the Roman God of Time (Chronos to the ancient Greeks) enables us to rein in Uranus' creative flow and give it a definite form! In our charts and whatever its position, the planet will force us to sustain and develop our thoughts and actions over time! Saturn restrains the actions of Jupiter and works in tandem with him regarding our development. He also represents our structure (in physical terms the skeleton and the teeth),which also involves its progressive wear and tear as time progresses! Saturn begins ... and ends things. He digs the foundations and uproots the tree when it has stopped bearing fruit. All the great changes associated with transits of Saturn therefore go in hand with the death (symbolic or real) of an aspect of life, a person or a form of behaviour which has become obsolete! His presence at a given point in our charts often indicates an axis of resistance which the individual will have to confront, to be able to progress towards his or her established aims and eventually unblock the energy that is visibly holding back his or her development!

The feeling of frustration often associated with Saturn's modus operandi therefore forces us to face our shortcomings, doubts and fears, urging us to carry out a continual and thorough analysis of the behaviour patterns (often a hangover from the past, our upbringing or social and cultural background) that hold back our progress! In our charts, Saturn signals an area that plunges us into a feeling of great insecurity, a dimension of ourselves where we are generally very sensitive to social criteria and aspirations. We look for majority approval and Saturn deprives us of this approval we desire so much. It is not until we have reached the end of a long road strewn with obstacles and all kinds of trials that we will eventually manage to remove Saturn's heavy mantle and finally come to appreciate the influence of this implacable teacher!

This essentially cold planet keeps a few good surprises in store for us, if we persevere in our quest for authenticity and discipline. If we respect his rules, not only can we aspire to all we covet (Saturn is prominent in the charts of great politicians and those in general of personalities who have contributed to a greater or lesser extent to drafting the laws that rule this world),but also come out of our shell and break down barriers. This way we can surge ahead in complete awareness along the road to achieving our ideals and excellence, having shed our complexes and fears! Saturn inspires thinkers, historians, philosophers and those who seek to excel! With Saturn, while everything seems difficult in its essence, if we accept being put to the test... we will ultimately achieve the impossible!

Saturn today ...

Saturn ends its course in Aquarius on March 7, 2023! Present in this sign since the end of March 2020 and repeatedly aspecting Uranus in a dissonant manner, it has powerfully contributed to restricting our freedom of movement (and of thought?)! Between confinement, curfews, etc., this austere planet has shown us its dark side more often than not!

From the beginning of March 2023 (and until February 14, 2026),Saturn invests in the sign of Pisces! Between the quest for solidity, rigour and even asceticism and the thirst to reach an ideal, let's bet that this session will favour internalization (voluntary or involuntary),stripping down, and even a form of asceticism rather than an unbridled expression of our passions!

We can control our instinctive resources better if we voluntarily follow the trend. On the other hand, if we have to deal with this climate out of necessity, beware of the frustration that could set in (continue) and give us the feeling of being prisoners of a situation that escapes us!

Fortunately, in 2023, Saturn should show us its best profile around June 19. This planet plays the role of moderator. It could help us calm down and constructively channel our energy!

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