Pisces's horoscope for January 2020

Written by Daisy

The first month of the year promises. Indeed, do not expect to start the year quietly. On the program: powerful energies that will put everyone under pressure (around the 12th) and accelerate an inevitable change on the personal, collective, and societal level. You do not risk being bored. Jump on the train of change to make a positive contribution via a more empathic outlook regarding the other, our suffering Earth, and the cosmos that certainly watches us with a dubious eye.

Pisces: Love horoscope for January 2020

Love: In the Foreground

A step back and a time of reflection is needed at the beginning of the year, which is conducive to balance sheets and decisions about the tone to give your life. From the 13th, Venus evolves in your sign. Count on this delicious planet to strengthen your aura, Pisces, and your desire to seduce. Successfully, if no misunderstandings slip between you and the other.

1st decan (February 19th - February 29th): Good Waves to Preserve!

A trip, settling down, or a new start? Everything is possible and you share with your relatives a complicit communication. But do not try to influence or manipulate: the current will pass less well and you could blur the line. In a Relationship, you look in the same direction together and you enjoy an irresistible radiance on the 15th. But do not try to impose your vision of things. Single, you are entering the year, carried by faithful people ready to follow you. Use your charm and your originality to win the vote but renounce manipulating anyone so as not to sow disorder in the ranks.

2nd decan (March 1st - March 10th): Stick to the Rules at the End of the Month!

Go back to the past before embarking on an adventure, if you want to make everyone follow you. At the end of the month, do not be overwhelmed by anger. Your desire to control could hurt your plans. To avoid such a thing, cut some slack and do not force anything. In a Relationship, your projects look like the ideal you had in mind and in your heart. You and your partner seem to agree on everything, with your highest aspirations. At the end of the month, control your emotions which push you to raise your voice (at work). Single, your dreams and projects seem at hand and at heart. Whether it is to settle down with a recent conquest or change your life, your charm helps you achieve it. Do not enter into any conflict (professional).

3rd decan (March 11th - March 20th): A Forced Stop!

One door closes, another opens, and you explore your motivations for dealing with substantive issues in January. How and why do you pursue this dream? What about you and your aspirations? So many questions that plague the atmosphere. Do not shy away from your problems: Jupiter arrives in Mars and will boost your vision of the future. In a Relationship, Saturn delays your projects, a feeling of frustration towards on the 12th will finally be positive if you look at what blocks your momentum. Single, take a step back from the blockages that slow down your movement. Take the time to analyze them to extract what is fantasy and set the limits. In March, Jupiter will make your dreams come true.

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A month where you work for the future, to lay the groundwork. Beautiful trails to explore but precautions to take. Avoid forcing things and prefer the gentle method to achieve your goals.

Pisces: The thread of the month for January 2020

The First Week,

The 2nd, your projects take off and you get the support you want. The beautiful energies of December allow you to win the vote and achieve unanimity. The 7th, life opens in the right direction, that of an ideal long pursued. A beautiful vibration that inspires you and guides you. The 8th, you do not lack arguments to expose your projects and convince those you want to associate with your plans to believe you and follow you. The 10th, the full Moon encourages talent and favors encounters but it does not allow you everything. You are faced with the obligation to build on solid ground, not to hover in the upper echelons. The 12th, do not antagonize if you have difficulty defending your plans. Reconsider them so that they hold the road and meet certain criteria.

The Second Week,

The 13th, do not despair and get down to work. Sort out your ideas to detect strengths and weaknesses, confront them with reality and then realize them soon. The 15th, you're a charmer and you turn heads. Enjoy your inspiration to express an originality that could seduce. The 18th, do not try to influence others by sending messages that manipulate an entourage who are not necessarily fooled by your hidden intentions.

The Third Week,

The 23rd, give up your attempts to control everything in the shadows. This attitude damages your reputation. Your charm works? An excellent frequency to exploit to open the future as you please, in business or on a personal level. The 24th, the new Moon promotes your projects and assures you of the support of those who are receptive and sensitive to your ideas and plans. The 25th, use possible secret networks to affirm your maturity.

The Fourth Week,

The 27th, you defend an ideal but do not impose your views on everyone without consultation to convince your entourage to adhere to your projects. The 28th, some authoritarian excesses do not argue in your favor. Defending an ideal does not give you all the rights. Especially not the one to lay down the law.

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