Aquarius's horoscope for December 2022

Written by Daisy

Aquarius: Astral Climate for December 2022

Do you have plans in the pipeline and prospects that are exciting? Make sure you keep your goals in proportion and don't blow your budget to realize your ambitions. Take time to think about the past year. Look back on it, draw valuable lessons from it, and then make your decisions with full knowledge of the facts. Make sure you properly assess the ins and outs of your plans.

Aquarius: Mood for December 2022

From the 20th onwards, Jupiter positively affects your decan. The giant of the zodiac boosts your enthusiasm and desire to transmit what you hold dear. This will brighten up the end of the year, which will be marked by progress. Tend to protect you from possible unconscious influences that push you to go off in all directions (on the 22nd).

Aquarius: Love for December 2022

You would probably be well advised to take a step back from certain emotions that are not necessarily good advisors in December. Particularly around the 22nd, a too pressing desire to express yourself and rally the votes hurts people's feelings. The Sun invites you to withdraw temporarily, far from the world's noise, from the 21st.

In a Relationship: if from the 20th Jupiter reinforces your thirst to communicate all azimuths, remain careful and measured in the expression of your feelings (which will not necessarily be shared by your close relations) around the 22nd.

Single: Venus advises you (between the 10th and the 18th) to sift through your past stories to consciously apprehend your future idylls. From the 20th on, Jupiter may encourage meetings but also misunderstandings (on the 22nd).

Aquarius: Money for December 2022

You may wait until the end of January to claim your due. In December, it will be more a question of preparing the ground for your future successes than of going to the mat to get satisfaction.

Aquarius: Work for December 2022

The situation urges you to think things over to refine your plans and strategies rather than jump into the fray (that will be next month). In the meantime, count on Jupiter (from the 20th) to transmit your ideas and share them with a receptive entourage. Spare them on the 22nd by not putting pressure on them.

Aquarius: Leisure for December 2022

Jupiter will exalt your desire to share, but Venus and the Sun advise you not to rush into anything. So try to balance a (relative) retreat for reflection with external breakthroughs in December.

Aquarius: Key dates for December 2022

-On the 2nd, you need to be careful about what you spend your money on if you don't want to risk blowing your budget.
-On the 4th, do you think you are spared the laws of gravity? Hurry up and come down to earth. Whether in love or in business.
-On the 17th, by taking a step back from events, you will succeed in moving the lines in the right direction with your family.
-On the 22nd, do not make any financial decisions that will commit you in the long run. On the other hand, you will know how to change a family situation to free yourself from a burden.
-On the 28th, you will express your emotions on an emotional and creative level.

Aquarius: Advice for December 2022

December is a month that favors the maturation of your plans. Not necessarily their immediate realization. So try to follow the movement. Don't try to get ahead of it, at the risk of making a mistake (on the 22nd).

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