Aries's horoscope for December 2021

Written by Daisy

Aries: Astral Climate for December 2021

The end of the year is dedicated to the realization of your projects. Your emotional life remains a bit on the back burner. Venus begins to retrograde in Capricorn and will not leave this austere sign until March 6, 2022. She invites you to shine in society, put yourself forward to progress, evolve, or win votes. This month, you will not make grand romantic declarations. Still, you will mobilize yourself to manage the present or prepare for the future.

Aries: Mood for December 2021

This month is a bit of a mixed bag, with Venus stagnating in the sign of Capricorn and not really serving your emotional interests. On the other hand, the Sun until the 22nd, Mercury until the 13th when Mars takes over, Jupiter and Saturn send you good vibes to stay in shape, activate you, and multiply the projects that will have to wait for a little before being realized. You are, therefore, very busy, and your mood should remain stable without falling into unbridled enthusiasm.

Aries: Love for December 2021

Your love projects occupy your mind, but you have many other things to do, and you hardly have time to flirt in December. Saturn is slowing down your development, but it is making you more lucid and more stable. In the meantime, you must learn to be patient because the brakes are there. Venus occupies the sector of your social life. In this area, you have no trouble getting positively noticed and generating popularity. The best thing to do this month is to hold on to what you have and make plans for your love life.

Aries: Money for December 2021

December allows you to invest rather than spend. The atmosphere is not conducive to grand celebrations, and you are forced to cut back on your budget when you want to spread your wealth! This is a month when you work hard, and the money you earn will not depend on luck but on your talents and courage.

Aries: Work for December 2021

Saturn forces you to follow its slow (but sure) pace in the conception of a project you had in mind! Your plans are evolving, and Jupiter provides the support you need to see them through in 2022 after taking a good look at your approach to some ongoing projects. The end of the year is a bit frustrating. You don't undertake much. Instead, you consolidate your achievements and prepare for next year. Direct your fighting spirit to the best of your ability so that it helps you to convince people, but do not show yourself to be demanding or greedy. Defend your projects with faith and enthusiasm without putting pressure on anyone!

Aries: Leisure for December 2021

This is a perfect month to take up challenges, to do sports, to maintain yourself. The December sky encourages you to travel, to make exotic discoveries. For some, biking or motorcycling is the best way to explore the countryside. For all, family gatherings or meetings with friends will be the pretext for good meals and good times spent in pleasant company. Just don't exaggerate your desires and be satisfied with what is possible. Why not organize an unforgettable treasure hunt?

Aries: Key dates for December 2021

- On the 6th, tenacious and offensive, you defend your business and your values.

- On the 12th, if your actions are not clear, you will be mistrusted. Stay clear in your intentions.

- On the 19th, the Full Moon encourages communication. Take advantage of it to pass your messages gently.

- On the 25th, you will direct your charm offensives to make an impression, taking into account your experiences.

- On the 30th, slowly but surely, you are making progress. Persevere against all odds.

Aries: Advice for December 2021

A year to end gently, time to recuperate and prepare yourself for a flight planned for next spring. In the meantime, Saturn will put you to the test and force you to show what you are capable of. You will end the year in style and be proud of what you have accomplished, but don't think you can do anything.

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