Libra's horoscope for August 2021

Written by Daisy

Libra: Astral Climate for August 2021

With the Sun and Mercury in Leo for a good part of the month, your sky is clear, and your exchanges are facilitated. On the other hand, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius support and expand your projects. For some people, Pluto will cause some tensions or difficult renunciations. But, on the whole, it is a beautiful August that awaits you, especially from the 16th. Venus passes through your sign and positively emphasizes your love life, finances, and social life. This charming planet makes you very attractive, and you will not fail to take advantage of it in one way or another.

Libra: Mood for August 2021

The Sun and Mercury in Leo until the 22nd encourage friendly encounters and exchanges. As of the 16th, Venus enters your sign and adorns you with a certain charm. You will have the opportunity, during the second half of the month, to seduce whoever you want: to strengthen your relationship, establish a new meeting on a solid basis, please your colleagues, impress your superior, and amaze your friends. So many possibilities offered thanks to your faith and your good mood.

Libra: Love for August 2021

Until the 16th, Venus invites you to take a step back from your emotional situation. It is time to examine your relationship's good and bad sides to take the necessary measures. Distinguish the superficial from the deep, and decide if you opt for a genuine commitment or just a fling. This time of reflection is precious before you embark on a new emotional life cycle with full knowledge of the facts. From the 16th onwards, Venus will be in your sign (until September 10), enhancing your charm and seductive power.

Libra: Money for August 2021

The first two weeks of August are favorable for savings or solid investments. From the 16th onwards, your desires are awakened, and you should be careful not to succumb too easily to impulsive purchases. Your charm should help you considerably to receive a promotion or a bonus at the end of the month. Your courage and your initiatives will pay off. Mars, placed in Virgo, encourages you to work out clever and discreet strategies to advance your pawns and make excellent deals around the start of the school year. If you resist luxury and greed, you should get through the month without any major worries, perhaps even with some pleasant surprises.

Libra: Work for August 2021

Your business, whether self-employed or salaried, is becoming more structured. Mars helps you work a lot, sometimes in the shadows, but always with good profitability. At the end of the month, you will be at the forefront of all that concerns commerce and trade. Still, for the rest, you will be even more discreet, using your energy and talent to lay the groundwork for a career that is constantly asserting itself. You will show yourself willing and creative, sometimes a bit rebellious, but not enough to overshadow your rise. If you are unemployed, make appointments after the 16th: your charm should then work on potential employers.

Libra: Leisure for August 2021

You will find much pleasure in friendly outings such as hiking, dining out, or street performing. At home, barbecues and team games will give you a great time. It is also a good time to (re)discover cultural activities that you have missed a lot. Check the calendar in your area: some exciting escapades are probably scheduled.

Libra: Key dates for August 2021

- On the 1st, you will expose your projects. Still, your margin of maneuver is reduced, and the expression of your potential is more complicated.

- On the 10th, you are moving forward in a fog. You react impulsively. Your feelings are difficult to define and, therefore, channel.

- On the 20th, the future opens up to your advantage if you work discreetly for success. Look for those who could open doors for you.

- On the 23rd, Venus exalts your power of seduction. This is an opportunity to revive your love stories and your relationship with your children.

- On the 25th, avoid sending messages that will confuse the frequency.

Libra: Advice for August 2021

Before embarking on new adventures from August 16 onwards, start by reflecting on your mistakes and successes so you can better adjust your aim. If you're looking to the future, take care of yourself now. Mars lurking in the shadows of your sign will push you to be careless at times, exposing you to minor mishaps. From the 22nd, the Sun will encourage you to take a step back.

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