The arts of divination

Written by Alison

Besides different astrologies - Western, Chinese, Tibetan - and different tarots (the best known being the Marseilles tarot),there also exist more than a hundred other techniques, most going back to time immemorial and different depending on each culture. We offer you here a small sample of the techniques that our specialists use to enlighten you and give you the responses you need.

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- Feng Shui is a Taoist art of living. For centuries, the Chinese have been using it to build their cities and homes and bury their dead.
- Clairvoyance using coffee grounds is a very ancient practice. Coffee reading - or "tasseomancy", as it is called - originated in Persia, Egypt, and Turkey.
- From birth, our biological rhythms form our physique, our intelligence, and our emotions, following positive and negative cycles.
- The pendulum is another tool that allows dowsers to get in touch with vibrations and develop their intuition. It amplifies the vibrations and can answer simple questions.
- Each person possesses seven chakras that contain our most deep-seated qualities. This Sanskrit word means "wheel", for the wheel of life on which we are all turning.
- Geomancy is the oldest divination art in the world. This form of astrology uses the earth and puts us back in touch with Gaia. This divinatory science brings us into direct contact with Nature.
- Oneiromancy is a method that lets you see the future by interpreting dreams. This is an art that has been practiced since Antiquity.

- Palm reading is a divination art that involves reading the future, and your potential, in the lines in your hand. Anyone can read the lines in their own hands or others', as well.
- Graphology is the study of handwriting to understand a person's personality. This method appeared in the middle of the 19th century and has greatly developed well into the 20th century.
- Pyromancy is a divination art that involves fire, where one summons a flame in order to read the future in it. There really are no rules here; only the flames count, not whatever it is on or in.
- Astrogalomancy, or divination through knuckle-bones or dice, has existed since before history. Bones, pebbles, shells, or dice are tossed to determine if the future will be favorable or not.
- Mediums must possess a sense empathy; their extreme sensitivity helps them understand others. Endowed with extraordinary psychic powers, they can perceive things other cannot and serve as interpreters for others.
- Magnets are another natural method that is being used more and more, and certain hospitals have even integrated this alternative practice into their fitness programs.
- Crystals and stones give off energy. Each stone has its own properties that can improve the lives of the sick. Lithotherapy involves healing oneself using the magnetic vibrations of stones and crystals.

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