Your destiny is in your own hands!

Written by Alison

Palmistry or chiromancy is an art of divination, enabling us to see into the future and what it potentially holds for us by reading the lines on the hand. The hand is made up of thousands of lines, all of which symbolise something. Each one has its own distinctive features. The lines of the hand differ from person to person. They are formed in the second month of pregnancy and are therefore innate. They contain the genetic code of an individual, with his or her origin and personal history. From these lines, it is possible to read a person's temperament and development, as his or her life is inscribed there. Palmistry was once considered a mystical practice, yet there is no magic about it. Anyone can read the lines on his or her hand, as well as those of others.

First of all, you need to start by identifying the subject's personality. Using the lines on the hand, you can recognise four kinds of temperament: nervous, bilious, lymphatic and sanguine. In palmistry, both hands are analysed, but they don't have the same meanings. The left hand symbolises karma and the right hand represents your current life. However, what is true for a right-handed person needs to be reversed for someone who is left-handed.

The heart line is the one at the top of the palm. It starts from the little finger and extends towards the mounts of Jupiter and Saturn. The heart line represents the person's love-life. It indicates his/her feelings and emotional journey. Break-ups, passion and stability can be seen here. If the line is long and pronounced, it signifies a lasting love and is the sign of someone who is serious and generous. Conversely, a short, straight line conveys a selfish, cold-hearted person. The line can be crossed by smaller ones and this means the person is sensual and sensitive, enjoying human contact. A line cut in two indicates a break-up.

The head line is situated just below. This shows a person's intellectual ability. If it is pronounced, it will be the sign of straightforward, lively and constructive intelligence. On the other hand, if it is distorted, this will be an indication of a mind prone to fantasy, preferring to take refuge in dreams. If it is long, the mind will be active and balanced, but a short head line is a symbol of laziness and procrastination.

The line of chance crosses both the heart line and the head line. It can start at the wrist when it is very long. The longer this line, the more positive it will be. If it is cut by small grooves at several points, this means you will encounter disappointment on your path. If it is forked, you will have the possibility of changing direction and starting over again, which will be positive for the future in any case.

The line of fate is on the left of the line of chance, also crossing the heart line and the headline. If it is straight, it signifies a stable, consistent life. If it is long, it indicates that you will easily achieve your goals with help from other people. If it is short, it would be better to be cautious and not be too inclined to trust others. If it forks at the extremities, it symbolises social achievement and success. If it isn't very prominent, you will need to be determined to succeed. If it is cut in different places, this line is a sign of difficulties that will need to be overcome.

The life line is no doubt the best known. It indicates an individual's vital energy and starts between the thumb and the index finger. The shorter it is, the more it will symbolise a person who is quick-tempered. This line shows an individual's spiritual and physical progress. If it is cut in two, it indicates a break-up or a difficult change of direction in life. It could also be a sign of poor health. Conversely, if this line is long, the individual will be endowed with great vital energy. Interpreting this line cannot be done without studying the heart line and head line at the same time. A short life line isn't necessarily synonymous with an early death.

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