Get to understand pyromancy!

Written by Alison

The term pyromancy originates from Greek “pyro” which means fire and “mancy” which means divination. Therefore this is divination with the help of fire, a divination art that solicits flames for reading the future. By means of a candle flame for instance, a clairvoyant concentrates and manages to obtain visions. A sheet of paper can also be used for burning it. There is no veritable rule. Only the flames matter, not the source.

Pyromancy is accessible to everyone but it is not quite developed in the clairvoyance sphere as its method is limited. Pyromancy is less precise than the tarot for example. This prophecy method is therefore rarely practiced, it has some restrictions. What is more, depending on paper employed or the candle quality, there will be an influence on the flames which makes interpretation less reliable.

Pyromancy is equally limited in the in terms of not being able to answer all the questions. It places us on a path but the answers will never be really precise. In order to make this practice reliable it is required to get isolated in a room without any air currents, to be in the calm. Without this, interpretations can be very fast distorted. For taking up this practice good materials have to be employed. The simplest way is to use a candle, a neutral one with a wick still in good condition so that it can be easily lit.

If the flame is clear, straight, beautiful then a radiant future can be supposed. Happiness and success will come across. The consultee will not face any obstacles, everything goes well in his life, he is on the right way. If the flame is divided into two tips this is even better and if it is divided into three tips this is excellent. To the contrary, a flame oriented to the left or to the right is a sign of death, disease or of health problems. In the same way, a flame that makes sparks is not very positive. If the flame has difficulty to take its shape, if it trembles or crackles then some future difficulties can be supposed in the consultee's life. If to the contrary the flame is easily formed and stays fixed, then the period is propitious, everything is for the best. Inversely, if the flame suddenly dwindles or is ready to die away, the answer is negative.

What are the origins of pyromancy?

The origins of pyromancy ascend to thousands of years before Jesus Christ. This technique intended for reading and interpreting the future with the help of the fire element is due to this fact considered one of the most ancient divination arts.

In antiquity a pyromancer spent a long time observing the flame, looking at its shape, color, the smoke and its smell. Everything mattered and everything was propitious for interpretation. He also paid attention to the flames' height. In those times people used wood for making predictions. A pyromancer sensed the future through the flame texture. His hypersensibility connected him to the future. In the course of centuries pyromancy has been intensely practiced in the countryside. People came for a consultation to get reassured about seasons, the climate and the future harvests. Fire was considered as energy susceptible of telling us what track to take or not to take. The flame talked to people; it gave answers that only a pyromancer could interpret.

Pyromancy is beyond all doubt the most ancient and the most limited technique of finding out about the future. Nowadays this divination art is seldom practiced.


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