Tasseomancy and tea leaves

Written by Mary

"Tasseomancy" is the complicated word for reading tea leaves. It is a divinatory method used since the Middle Ages and which appeals to intuition, imagination and our flair. It only requires a good tea diluted in hot water, without filtering it and a plain white cup.


Heat the water and fill the white cup. Then drop the tea leaves and let them be imbibed. Mix and drink when the color of the water is right for you. It may seem difficult to drink unfiltered tea but it is necessary that the person to whom you will read the future drinks it while leaving about a millimeter at the bottom. Then ask the consultant to turn the cup clockwise three times to line the inner walls of the cup with the leaves in suspension. Then return the cup to a saucer and, after a minute, ask the consultant to return the cup and give it to you.


The inverted cup reveals figures and shapes on the walls or on the bottom of the cup. If the figure is near the handle, the prediction will be realized quickly. Against the walls, it will be realized in the coming weeks and the bottom indicates a more distant future. The tea should be drunk by the person consulting, even if it is another person who interprets the figures.

Tassomancy requires good intuition and a good sense of observation, symbolic figures are not always easy to interpret.
Let your imagination and your mind speak freely. If a cat makes you think of luck, say it, if a spider tells you about solving a problem, say so. Reading tea leaves is above all a story of feeling and instinct.

Here is a list of generally accepted symbols:

Abbey promises that worries are moving away.
Eagle announces a beneficial change of residence.
Anchor indicates the resolution of an unexpected problem.
Donkey is the sign of a much awaited legacy.
Angel announces the arrival of good news.
Ring evokes marriage.
Spider indicates a return of money, or the end of financial worries.
Tree protects against the evil eye.
An airplane facing downward blocks projects, but facing upwards means unexpected success.
Broom indicates the end of a problem or a change of work.
Scales induce a lawsuit or an unexpected fine.
Boat announces a trip or the visit of a lost friend.
Building evokes a move or a professional transfer.
Candle induces a sudden idea.
Bouquet means success in projects.
Bottle means celebration or success.
Log of wood indicates the success of projects.
Duck promises increasing wealth.
Canon promises fortune in the future but one will have to be patient
Cathedral announces prosperity.
Cavalier brings good news from abroad.
Kite recommends caution: think before acting.
Mushroom announces a disturbance, complications in business.
Cat reports domestic problems.
Castle evokes a legacy, an unexpected financial chance.
Horse induces work.
Dog indicates friendship or an association.
Scissors prevent family quarrels.
Clef offers an opportunity.
Bell announces good news, sometimes a wedding.
Heart evokes love or the lover, the confidant.
Crown raises honors or a promotion.
Knife means treachery or misunderstanding.

Cross indicates a period of hardship.
Ladder promises advancement.
Church means marriage.
Elephant warns of a need for advice from an old friend.
Fan indicates indiscretion.
Horseshoe induces luck.
Arrow indicates a disagreement or letter.
Fleur indicates that happiness and love are at the rendezvous.
Rifle evokes conflicts in the home.
Leg promises a sentimental or professional success.
House is a sign of stability.
Hammer indicates a painful job that will be rewarded.
Windmill induces great business relationships.
Bird brings news, good or bad.
Palm tree represents a space to breathe, a period of rest.
Butterfly signals hypocrisy.
Umbrella provides temporary shelter.
Pipe recommends looking at all possibilities.
Bridge evokes a trip abroad or new friends.
Door evokes an opportunity like an opportunity for advancement.
Wheel indicates progress by effort and money.
Snake indicates temptations or deceptions.
The sun announces a great happiness.
Mug is a sign of love and harmony.
Clover announces a good fortune, an unexpected success.
Car evokes a local trip or new business associates.


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