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Alchemy appeared in China from the 4th century BC and then migrated to Egypt in antiquity and finally to Europe in the Middle Ages. Alchemy is about transforming base metals into noble metals (turn lead into gold). This goal of transmutation of metals was called the great work and required the use of the philosopher's stone. It was also a question of discovering the panacea, a universal remedy and the elixir of eternal life.

Palmistry (lines of the hand)

Palmistry is a divinatory art from Indian astrology that allows you to discover your future and better understand your personality. This method is based on the study of the shape of the hands, the position of the fingers, the mountains and the furrows which each represent a line: line of head, line of heart, line of health, line of life and line of luck. This method provides valuable information about your temperament and your future.


The crystals and stones are full of symbols, they emit vibrations and transmit energies. Their symbol changes according to their color. In astrology, Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon, the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune also influence crystals and stones. In addition, each astrological sign has a color and a stone dedicated to them.


Kybomancie is an ancient divination art that uses 3 6-sided dice to discover the future. After rolling the dice, you can proceed with the interpretation by analyzing the numbers and combinations that appear. This method of divination is easy to use and is based on numerology, it is very useful for making a choice and knowing your near future.


Divination is an occult discipline by which the diviner finds what is hidden or invisible. This discipline is based on several methods such as clairvoyance that requires no support, except intuition and the use of objects (dice, coffee grounds, runes) or divination arts such as the interpretation of dreams or lines of the hand.

Tea leaves

Tasseography is a divinatory art that allows you to read the future in tea leaves. Originally from China, this ancestral method is easy to use. The symbols and drawings formed by the deposit of tea leaves left at the bottom of a cup deliver a message on the future of the consultant. This divination technique is also called realomancy.


Geomancy also called "divination of the earth" is a divinatory art based on the analysis of points that the consultant draws on the earth or on a sheet of paper. 16 lines of points must be completed in order to perform the interpretation. In interpreting the different figures, it is quite simple to know the answer to the question asked.


Kabbalah is a stream of thought of Jewish origin that advocates changing our perception of the world to better understand it. It would be a question of finding essential answers to questions concerning the origin of the universe, the role of each one in this world and the future of the human being. The Tree of Life and the Sephiroth are the main tools of this philosophy.

Language of the flowers

The flowers represent a powerful symbol in many civilizations. The meaning varies according to the time and the region and continues to evolve in the modern world. The best known are the rose, symbol of love, the forget-me-not and the hawthorn, which symbolizes hope, the lily represents the purity or the laurel which is the crown of the victor and means fame. There are a lot of sites compiling interpretations, which make it possible to compose bouquets full of hidden messages ...


Magic is an occult science that is lost in the mists of time. From time immemorial, humans have attributed supernatural powers to phenomena they did not understand (such as lightning, chemical reactions or certain plant or animal behaviors). We often distinguish white magic, which is supposed to do good and help individuals by bringing in supernatural forces that are positive to black magic, which appeals to the beings of darkness and is aimed at harming certain people. The magic is based on multiple and complex rituals. It often opposes science.

Coffee grounds

Cafeomancia is a divinatory art that allows you to read the future in coffee grounds. This ancient oriental practice can decode the shapes and symbols formed by traces of coffee grounds left on a cup or saucer. Cafeomancia is a divinatory method accessible to all and easy to interpret. It helps us better understand the future.

Oniromancy (dreams)

Oneiromancy , also called Dream Interpretation, is a divinatory art that uses the symbols of dreams to better understand our actions and thoughts. Our psychological state, events experienced during the day, repressed desires, wants, fears and anxieties deliver messages during our sleep. Practiced since antiquity, among all peoples and over time, the language of dreams represents a universal language that can be deciphered by oneiromancy.


Through various card games and divination methods the oracles Oracles allow us to know the future. They abound with many secrets and myths and come from many origins. In Ancient Greece they were an integral part of religion and had a close relationship with nature. Among the Chinese oracles, the Yi King has a special role. It consists of 64 unique hexagrams that allow us to know what will be the big changes coming in the present or in the future.

Oracle of Belline

A divination card game that is very known and very useful, the Belline Oracle Oracle of Belline is complementary to astrology and can be compared to the Tarot. It is composed of 53 cards, each of which expresses a precise idea and will give a direction, an indication and a tendency to interpret. Thus, the consultant will know if future events will be happy or sad and they will know the procedure to follow to reach their goals.

Oracle Ge

The Oracle Ge created by GĂ©rard Barbier allows everyone to predict their future. This divinatory game consists of 61 cards and is very easy to use. The symbols of the cards are easy to interpret and they answer precisely the questions of the consultant whether they are an amateur or experienced. Several draws are possible: in cross just like the Tarot of Marseilles. Draw 6 cards if you want details and more precise answers. Draw 5 cards for an analysis of the personality. A pyramid draw of 7 cards allows you to focus on a specific area, while a draw of 16 cards is also possible. Depending on the method used, the draw will be more or less precise.


Known since prehistoric times, astragalomancy Ossicles is a divinatory art that uses tiny bones or ossicles to predict the future, make better choices and take the right path. It is from a result obtained after launching the bones or ossicles that the interpretation can be performed. This ancestral and playful method is accessible to all.


Runes are a sacred divinatory art from Celtic mythology. The Runes are the components of a 24-letter alphabet, the futhark, used by the druids and priests of the ancient German-Scandinavian peoples. It is a very effective divination tool whose use can predict the future, face and manage difficulties and reveal future developments.

Yi King

Developed in China over 3,000 years ago, the Yi King Yi King , also known as the Book of Changes, is considered the oldest divination art in the world. Composed of 64 hexagrams, it is a valuable guide that suggests concrete solutions to all questions and makes decisions when we are hesitating.

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