Open your 7 chakras!

Written by Alison

Each individual has three channels and seven chakras. The purpose of the three channels of energy is to make sure body and spirit are in harmony. The right- and left-hand channels have an influence on the energy of our sympathetic nervous system. The right-hand channel is activated when we take part in a physical or creative activity. This is the channel through which action-based energy passes. The left-hand channel, however, is connected to our emotions, affections and sensitivity. The emotions pass through here. The central channel is dependent on our sympathetic nervous system and is used to manage motor functions, such as breathing or the heart beating. This is the channel used for envisaging spiritual development. We can control it through breathing exercises and develop our energy in this way. Kundalini (energy) passes through here.

The chakras contain our more intimate qualities. This Sanskrit word means “wheel”, like a wheel of existence in which we turn indefinitely. All the qualities we have can be nourished or become impoverished. It all depends on the energy that is allowed to circulate through each chakra. Before you practise meditation, you need to get used to identifying each centre of energy in your body. In the pelvic area, just below the navel. To open this chakra, place your thumb and index finger together and concentrate on this part of the body. This root chakra, situated between the genitals and the anus, controls sexual energy. As you meditate, make the sound “LAM”. The chakra situated above the root chakra, over the sacrum, uses meditation in a different way. Place one hand on top of the other, with your palms facing upwards. The left hand should be underneath the right one, with both thumbs touching each other. Concentrate and make the sound “VAM”.

The navel chakra is situated just above the latter and can be opened with the sound “RAM”. At the same time, hold both hands joined together in the form of a triangle, just below the solar plexus. Stretch your fingers and cross your thumbs on your hands joined together in a triangle and concentrate. To open your heart chakra, sit cross-legged. Holding your right hand above your solar plexus, your index finger should lightly touch the next finger. Your left hand should be placed on your left knee (with the index and thumb touching lightly too). Make the sound “YAM”.

The throat chakra is opened with the sound “HAM”. To harmonise this, cross the fingers of your hands, apart from your thumbs. The thumbs should touch and form a circle. Make this sound gently in a sitting or standing position.
The third-eye chakra is situated between your eyebrows. To meditate using this chakra, you should place your hands in front of your chest. Your middle fingers should be touching and stretched upwards, while the other fingers should bend and touch at the phalanges. Your thumbs should be stretched and touch each other towards the bottom. To open the third-eye chakra, make the sound “OM” or “AUM”.

Then comes the crown chakra. Your hands should be placed facing your stomach. Your ring-fingers should touch and be stretched upwards. The other fingers should be intertwined. This chakra is situated above the head. To meditate, you make the sound “NG”. However, this meditation is reserved for those who are already initiated. First of all, you need to open the root chakra, to be able to open the crown chakra. All the centres of energy are connected. It is therefore better to open the chakras by starting at the bottom. The root chakra must be open, if you are to go on to open the other chakras. λ The root chakra awakens our presence in the world. This enables us to feel good everywhere and in all situations. If it is stable and solid, you won't be distrustful of others. You will be open-minded and devoid of anxiety. On the other hand, if you have a fearful nature, this means that your root chakra isn't active enough. If it is overactive, you will probably be too materialistic. You will have an almost pathological need to feel secure. And fear of change will prevent you from taking action.

The sacral chakra is concerned with sexuality. If it is open, you will be someone who is at ease with yourself, passionate and sensual. If it is closed, you will have a tendency not to open yourself up to others. When it is overactive, this chakra will make you too emotional. You will be too attached to people. The navel chakra helps you to assert yourself in a community. Once this is open, it will help you to speak in public. You won't be afraid to impose your ideas on others. On the other hand, if it is too closed, you will have a tendency to be passive and timid. If it is too active, it will make you domineering or aggressive.

The heart chakra awakens love, generosity and kindness. An open heart chakra will make you compassionate and you will truly like other people. A heart chakra that is closed will make you cold-hearted and insensitive. If it is too active, you will have a tendency to stifle others with your love. And the reasons for this will often be selfish. The throat chakra is related to communication. If it is open, you will know how to communicate your needs to others. If it is closed, you will be mute and afraid to speak up. If it is too active, you will talk too much without listening to what others have to tell you.

The third-eye chakra is connected with your intuition. If it is open, you will be a person who is very intuitive and you could tend to be on the alert. If it is closed, you will have a tendency to follow others' opinions. If this chakra is too active, it will enclose you in an imaginary world and you could even have hallucinations. λ The crown chakra is associated with wisdom. It helps you to feel connected with the world. If it is open, you will be stable and like others without judging them. If it is closed, you won't be at all attracted to spirituality. If it is too active, you will look at everything from an intellectual angle while looking at your body in an abstract way. Your health could suffer as a result.

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