Reading coffee grounds

Written by Alison

Tasseography, or the art of reading one's future through coffee grounds, is a very ancient practice. Sibyls used to use them, women in particular, who could spend entire days trying to see the future. Grouped together in harms, they attempted to interpret their visions. Tasseography originated in Persia, Egypt, and Turkey. It is also known that in the court of the tsars, women regularly practiced this divinatory art.

Anyone can get started in tasseography. It's a simple and very popular way of bringing together practicality and fun. Anyone can read the future in coffee grounds without any restriction. To do so, all you need is to let your emotions speak. Coffee grounds act as a tool for interpreting our feelings. Next, try to decrypt the meaning of the shape left by the coffee in the cup. Quite often, the predictions turn out to be true if the person doing it is open and relaxed. A person who is closed-off psychologically speaking will not be able to peacefully practice this art. The images in the coffee are always fuzzy and imprecise, and so it is up to you to interpret them with your heart and intuition. To properly practice this art, it is best to drink the coffee in small sips, so that the grounds can sink into the bottom of the cup.

The divine concentrates itself into the traces left behind, giving us a vision of the future. Clairvoyance requires intuition, and a good clairvoyant is intuitive and open to their sixth sense.

To practice tasseography, you will need a cup, saucer, wooden spatula, a pan, a tablespoon of coffe, a tablespoon of sugar, and some water. Mix together the water, coffee, and sugar in the sauce pan with the spatula. While doing so, think about a question that has been nagging you and concentrate on it. Whatever you do, don't heat the pan up for the time being. Only once you've mixed everything really well should you bring the contents to a boil three times in a row. Next, carefully pour the coffee into the cup while still thinking of your question. Let a few drops of coffee spill onto the saucer, too. Blow onto the coffee grounds left on the saucer. Let sit for a half an hour. Let it slowly dry, and, after a while, an image should appear. If not, trace a horizontal line in it. The meaning will always be different depending on what shapes appear. You might see a bird, a bee, or a circle. We'll give you the meaning of a few of these.

-The bee represents success. You will reach the goal you've set for yourself.
-An anchor represents travel, leaving, a renewal of some sort in your life.
-A ring represents happiness and a joyful live.
-The spider means material riches.
-An arch announces sickness, fatigue, or an obstacle to get over.
-An airplane suggests departure of some sort.
-The whale, given its abundance, is a symbol of success.
-A boat means harmony, understanding with others, and peace.
-A boot means progress, advancement in some area.
-A candle means that you need help.
-A square symbolizes material comfort, a peaceful life.
-A circle is very positive. It is a symbol of stability, that a difficult situation will improve.
-A cat is a symbol of trickery.
-A horse man's love, attachment.
-Scissors can mean break up, conflict.
-A flower means success and fulfillment.
-An ear means that you will have to keep your distance from what others say. Don't believe that everyone keeps their promises.
-A bird means lightness, liberty, flight.
-Dots or spots mean that you will soon receive money.
-A rectangle means union, family.
-A bell means that a friend will soon bring good news.
-The tower is a symbol of spies. Someone is watching you and is stealing your ideas. Watch out!
-A triangle means that you will receive a gift.

Anything can have a meaning once you've found the right shape. Besides the shapes mentioned above, there can be many, many others. If you use your intuition and common sense, you will have no trouble interpreting them. For example, if you see an eye, try to understand the meaning of it. The eye symbolizes clairvoyance, and so we can deduce that you have a good outlook on things. Your intuition will give you the right answer. Coffee grounds are simply the tool through which your visions are given meaning.

Initially, tasseography was invented to better understand the future, to be a source of trust in facing the future. Looking into the future should be good news and not frighten us. It's so easy to begin, so don't hesitate to get started in this divinatory art.

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