Crystals and your Astral sign!

Written by Alison

People have always been fascinated by crystals and gemstones. We know that they were there before us and that life originated with them. Gemstones transmit energy and we are drawn by their magnetism. The Babylonians used gemstones to heal their ills, each one having properties that could improve the lives of those suffering from illness. It was not unusual to use minerals or gemstones as a talisman, in the belief that they provided protection. This type of medicine is called Lithotherapy today and involves using crystals to treat health problems. The colours of crystals emit vibrations that relieve ailments. It should be pointed out that individuals possess several chakras or energy centres and each one of these has a colour of its own. To unblock a chakra, you need to use crystals of the same colour. For example, red is related to our roots and origins. Orange symbolises the chakra of the sex organs, yellow is located on the solar plexus, pink and the heart represent the heart, light blue the throat, and indigo or dark blue is associated with the Third Eye.

The symbolic value of crystals thus varies according to their colour

Red, rubies, garnet and carnelian are a symbol of energy and vitality. Red is not only the colour of fire and blood, but love as well. It can equally signify anger, passion or force. People who like red are generally dominant personalities.
Green is associated with amazonite, emerald, malachite, etc. It is also associated with the planet Venus and its vibrations develop harmony, wisdom and true vision.
Patchwork, mosaics and subtle multicoloured shades represent our basic fantasies, which symbolise ongoing development.
White is for July and represents purity. Cancerians, who are symbolised by this colour are people who are both naïve and profound. White is associated with opals, pearls and rock crystals.
Yellow is for topaz, citrine, amber, golden beryl and chrysoberyl. This is the colour of happiness and joy. These gemstones can also symbolise envy and ambition. Happiness is connected with influence on the environment and living beings.

The sapphire and turquoise colours of marine algae have a calming influence. Blue symbolises the link between heaven and earth, and is the colour of virtue. Generally those who like this colour appreciate stability and moral integrity.
Pink is for October and symbolises modesty and withdrawal into the self in the collective interest. The main characteristics of the sign of Libra are hope and a carefree outlook.
Royal blue has a calming influence and symbolises the link between human and divine law. It fosters intelligence and is the colour of merit. In general, people who like this colour are those with dignity and depth of insight.
Black, jet, onyx and morion are the colours of the night and the depths, associated with January. Black represents mourning, but also the mysterious side of life and inner determination, which gains power through discretion.
Deep purple is for February, a period symbolising ambition. Its sign of Aquarius symbolises the desire for change, fantasy and wisdom, as well as collective interest and the detachment of the ego.
Silver is associated with marine algae and symbolises the depths of the subconscious. Silver represents selflessness, but also the material side of life, leading to generosity and altruism.

The planets also have an influence on gemstones and crystals

Mars is linked with the colour red and this planet represents force, energy, friendship and awakened consciousness.
Venus is associated with the colour green and this planet represents attachment and the emotions in all aspects, but love in particular. It represents the power of the heart.
Mercury is not linked with any specific colour, as its unifying function brings together the full spectrum of visible colours.
The Moon is associated with the colour white and this heavenly body represents the emotions, the subconscious, creativity, the family and security in the wider sense of the word. It also represents the mother figure.

The Sun is associated with the colour yellow. This is a star which represents the ego, awareness, self-assertion and a radiating presence in all respects. Its vibrations develop self-fulfilment through influence on others.
Jupiter transmits its vibrations to amethyst and lapis lazuli in particular. These two crystals represent spirituality, courage, selflessness and the ability to see the bigger picture.
Saturn will have an influence on the energy of jet, onyx and sapphire. These two crystals symbolise power, tenacity, boldness and fidelity.
Neptune symbolises fusion, dissipation, the imagination, creativity, mysticism, compassion, and links with the universal.

Each astrological sign then has its own colour. A gemstone of the same colour as the sign will always be beneficial

Red is for April. This is the beginning of the astrological year and symbolises zest for life. The associated sign of Aries symbolises courage, boldness and initiative.
Green is for May and harmony. It is associated with the sign of Taurus, whose principal quality is love.
Gemini represents all colours. The foremost quality of this sign is flexibility and a sense of nuance.
White is associated with opal and rock crystals and linked with the Moon. Its vibration develops the direction of essential values and the roots needed for self-development.
Yellow is for August, representing seduction, charm and self-promotion. Elegant Leos will flourish in selflessness and developing their individual power.
Dark blue is for September and its associated sign of Virgo is endowed with enlightened and rational thinking.
Pink symbolises modesty and taking a back seat in the interests of the collective good. The main characteristics of the sign of Libra are hope and a carefree attitude.

Red is also for November, a period symbolising enthusiasm for transformation. The associated sign of Scorpio symbolises the energies of the depths of the subconscious and the passage from the subconscious to action.
Sky blue is for December, representing creativity and faith. Sagittarians, symbolised by blue, will find success in activities which require them to go for the bigger picture.
Black is for January, a period symbolising ambition. The associated sign of Capricorn symbolises the desire for inner development, sobriety and sacrifice, the asceticism that enables them to succeed.
Deep purple has a calming influence and symbolises relations between heaven and earth. This is the colour of virtue and it promotes wisdom. Generally those who like this colour are people who appreciate stability and moral integrity.
Silver is for March, a period which symbolises the make-believe. The associated sign of Pisces symbolises the need to be part of a unified whole, as well as the inclination to savour things, self-sacrifice and great ideals.

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