The secrets of divination

Written by Mary

Divination is a generic word evoking dozens of varied techniques and methods all aimed at discovering what is hidden and invisible. There is unsupported divination, such as clairvoyance, intuition, premonition ... This is called natural or intuitive divination. Other methods require concrete support: cards, the crystal ball, the study of crystals, dice, ossicles, coffee grounds, tea leaves, runes, Yi King. Finally, divination can also go through the analysis of writing (graphology),numbers (numerology) and dreams (oniromancy).

Almost everything can be used by those practicing divination. Under barbaric names are hidden techniques often forgotten:
- Acutomancy uses pins or needles
- Alomancy uses salt
- Anemomancy reflects the directions and the forces of the wind
- Bibliomancy interprets texts selected by chance (for example, choose the fourth book of the 3rd shelf in a library, open it on page 72 and read the 18th line).
- There are also very strange supports like cheese (tiromancy),sand (vitreomancy),brushes (petchimancy),eggs (oomancy) ...

Let's also mention turntables, automatic writing, dowsing (pendulums).

The field is vast and all the means are good if the seer has found the technique that corresponds best with them. Some forms of divination, however, are more elaborate and more studied than others, which allows for a more universal and nuanced basis of interpretation.

Astrology observes and interprets the movements of planets and their effects on the inhabitants of the earth, collectively or individually. Symbolically, each planet contains a particular energy:

- The sun illuminates the personality.
- The moon governs emotions and reactions.
- Mercury symbolizes the mind and mobility.
- Venus is in relation to feelings
- Mars represents the physical energy and the will.
- Jupiter gives expansion and luck.
- Saturn imposes limits and control.
- Uranus causes change.
- Neptune feeds creativity.
- Pluto presides over dark forces, sexuality, death and rebirth.

Tarology, and especially the tarot of Marseille, uses various printing techniques to distill a lot of information about the future of the person who is consulting it. The tarot of Marseille is a game consisting of 78 cards. The game has 22 major arcana, mainly used in divination, 40 minor arcana and 16 face cards. The tarologist studies the symbolism of each card during a draw and draws conclusions, they can deliver predictions and advise their consultant. The consultation allows one to discover one's personality and to bring to light old problems, in order to solve them.

Numerology comes in infinite combinations of letters associated with a number. Thus, the letters of the first name have a meaning, the name has another and the whole a third. The meaning of each of the 9 numbers used in numerology can be summarized as follows:

- The 1 symbolizes the beginning, the commencement and the personal initiative.
- The 2 symbolizes union, collaboration, self and others.
- The 3 symbolizes contacts and exchanges.
- The 4 symbolizes work and effort.
- The 5 symbolizes dynamism, variety and change.
- The 6 symbolizes love and peace
- The 7th symbolizes loneliness and wisdom.
- The 8 symbolizes money.
- The 9 symbolizes an end or a conclusion.

The interpretation of dreams has seen a tremendous advance with the birth of psychoanalysis: Freud and then Jung have extensively used this technique to unravel the threads of the human unconscious. Divination is such a vast and varied field that it is very difficult to disentangle the true from the false, the charlatan from the true seer, the illusion from reality ...

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