Lithotherapy: Which stone to choose

Written by Mary

Lithotherapy is a field of alternative medicine that adds faith to the vibratory properties of stones. These particular vibrations contribute to the well-being of any user in contact with them. Certain stones contribute to soften certain tensions specific to the astrological signs as well as to develop or reinforce the creative potential. Let us approach each astrological sign by evoking the mineral stones which correspond to them!


As a spring sign, your main characteristics are novelty, revival, or renewal. Dynamic and intrepid, prompt in your decisions, your personality is straight from the necklace. This is why Sodalite stone is indicated for your work environment, which will infuse harmony and solidarity in teamwork. However, in the sentimental field, you will choose the Blue Calcite which induces a good communication with your partner or the Lapis lazuli to express your feelings with more tact.


You are one of the most productive personalities in the zodiac. So, you owe it to yourself to nurture your creativity; first of all, if you encounter blockages, choose the tiger-eye that will remove your internal obstacles. Lapis lazuli will keep your creativity alive and take it further. As for your legendary explosive anger, take the Blue Calcite that will calm your nerves and melt away your anxieties. If you are going through a phase of sentimental questioning, wear the Green Fluorite which helps to overcome your grief of the moment.


Your nervous and curious nature leads you to explore diverse and varied fields. At the risk of scattering and finding yourself overwhelmed, you will opt for Malachite which helps you to refocus on the essential. The Labradorite stone will prove to be a solid ally to help you settle inwardly or go through rapid phases of transformation. If your sensitivity on the surface of your skin prevents you from having a good night's sleep, look for an Amethyst that fights insomnia and facilitates deep sleeps.


Sensitive and maintaining a rich world within your imagination, the Celestine is advised to maintain and develop your creativity. In the same way that conflict situations can disturb you, the Celestine will help you to spread a more harmonious climate during stressful phases. In order not to disperse yourself too much through many daydreams, put Citrine and Carnelian on your worktable, which will help you to concentrate. Note that Citrine also helps you to stabilize your relationships.


Leo has a generous nature with his loved ones, he is also endowed with a whole character. Hence the fact that he is sometimes angry when he does not get the object of his desires. If this fury is difficult to express, Citrine is recommended to calm your state of being. And if you need to completely repress your anger, choose Lapis lazuli which fluidifies the communication at the throat. You tend to succeed socially, which can cause jealousy and pettiness towards you: in this case, the tiger-eye is recommended because it is a protective stone in this case.


Of shy character, you are prone to internalize your feelings and have difficulty communicating them. In your case, you will wear Aquamarine, which allows you to harmonize your emotions and promotes self-expression. And to benefit from alleviating virtues, Agate is very indicated; moreover, it makes it possible to discern the complex situations while developing a very strong intuition. And about your possible intestinal disorders, the Orange Calcite can help you like the Red Calcite, and the Citrine as regards elimination.


Libra is infatuated with justice and is not without making judgments with impartiality. In order to foster your tolerant mind, choose the Selenite, which allows you to develop intuitive thinking. And Aquamarine also helps you to be less judgmental and more flexible when you are passionate and excited about your subject. As for your self-confidence, which may be lacking, wear Malachite, which releases inhibitions and invigorates self-expression.


Your sensitive and emotional character leads you to intense and passionate situations. In order not to derail too much, you can wear the Onyx which helps you to control yourself and to concentrate on the essential things. In addition, this stone allows you to find information and ideas that you are looking for when you are overwhelmed by your thoughts. For your sometimes unsettling jagged emotions, take the Aquamarine for its soothing virtues.


Your intuitive nature can find an ideal ally in Blue Chalcedony that can strengthen your medium qualities, as well as help you to step back and study situations with insight. For your sometimes excessive sides, Turquoise will help you reduce your nervousness and clarify your mind. If you are going through periods of emotional deprivation, Rose Quartz will soothe your personal pains and shortcomings.


The ideal stone and associated with your personality is Black Tourmaline. It is very much in demand to mop up negative emotions and anxiety. In addition, it raises personal energy and induces positive behavior. In the same vein, you can wear Peridot to help you clear your thoughts and take them away from a pessimistic vision; this stone of renewal gives quiet strength to your character which can be resistant to change.


Endowed with a very active mind, you will have all interest to get the Blue Calcite and Celestine which optimize the psychological clarity. And as your sociability leads you to attend work groups or assemblies, the Sodalite will give you a harmonious and most supportive spirit. If you are ever suspicious or reserved about a new relationship, the Rose Quartz and Citrine will give you the opportunity to regain a form of serenity and your self-confidence.


Your ultra-emotional personality will be able to find a form of balance with Turquoise or Aquamarine, which will become supports to externalize your emotions and sensations; communication will thus be facilitated and will free you from a weight. To work and strengthen your self-confidence, Rose Quartz is a stone perfectly adapted to your case. On the other hand, you will be able to relieve your hypersensitivity with the Sodalite which brings rationality and stability.

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