Interpret the divining rod?

Written by Alison

When you use a pendulum or divining rod to tell the future, this practice is known as radiesthesia or dowsing. Dowsing is the art of sensing vibrations, where the divining rod is an intermediary that can transmit and demonstrate the magnetism of this world.

The divining rod is a tool, an object that will enable an individual to tune into vibrations, where he/she will develop an intuitive sense. This amplifies the vibrations, demonstrating them through swinging back and forth. To choose the right divining rod, it needs to be one that feels right. Following your heart will enable you to make this decision. The best way is to equip yourself with a light divining rod, made of crystal, wood or metal. Decide which one makes you feel most at ease and will best enable you to feel the vibrations. It is best to choose this instrument by intuition. The divining rod is supported on a small chain, which you will need to hold with your thumb and index finger, to allow it to swing freely. At the beginning, wait for it to come to a standstill. Then, you can start to ask it simple questions.

How do you interpret the divining rod's answers?

Generally, when the response to the question is in the affirmative, the divining rod turns in a clockwise direction. However, this direction can still vary from one individual to the next. Before you use your divining rod, you should settle in comfortably and ask it which direction means “yes”. If it turns anti-clockwise, this means that “yes” will be in that direction for every question asked. Do the same to find out which direction is “no” and which one means “perhaps”. There are no rules and it will be up to you to decide on the code for “yes”, “no” and “perhaps” with your divining rod. The first question to ask is therefore: “Which direction do you turn to say yes? What is the code?”

The divining rod helps us be aware of the vibrations around us. It doesn't require a specific talent and you don't need to be a medium to use it! It's a very easy tool to use. It basically serves as a measure of the rates of vibration of a particular place or object. The more vibrations an object has, the more it will be charged with positive energy. A human being with a high rate of vibration will be in good health. The divining rod responds to simple questions with yes, no or perhaps.

Using a divining rod needs some training. Don't worry if you struggle a little at the beginning. To feel at ease with your divining rod, don't hesitate to ask it if it is prepared to work with you, as there needs to be a feeling of complicity between it and you. It needs to be considered as a continuity of the hand, forming an integral part of your body.

To carry out a dowsing session, it is better to be feeling calm. If you are stressed, the divining rod won't answer your questions. It is very sensitive to your vibrations, so the less you are focused, the more it will feel lost. It won't know how to guide you, given that you yourself will be at sea. It is therefore very important to relax before each session. Try not to feel discouraged if you feel you aren't getting anywhere at the beginning. If you concentrate and persevere, you will end up feeling completely at ease with your divining rod.

To make sure you aren't influencing your answers, you mustn't allow your emotions to intervene. The questions must be asked in a neutral way. This is the only way you will get a valid response.

The term radiesthesia was invented in 1920 by Father Bouly. “Radius” means ray in Greek and “Aisthesis” means sensation. Originally, the divining rod was used to search for water sources or precious metal mines. Then, it was used to search for vibrations emitted by all bodies. With radiesthesia or dowsing, it is possible to detect illnesses, find remedies, search for water or find out if the energy emitted by an object is positive or negative. This means that the divining rod has many uses, as all bodies emit vibrations, even machines. Dowsing connects us with the world of vibrations and the use of the divining rod develops our sensitivity. Anyone can do it.

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