Everything to know about mediums

Written by Alison

The term Medium signifies people endowed with a gift of “prophecy”. Mediums are intermediaries between the earth and celestial world. A part of their being is connected to another world. They are capable of entering in communication with spirits who guide them on their way. Mediums are often calm and peaceful people who seek to do good around them. They keep out of negative situations that could weaken their “extra-lucidity” faculties. They possess empathy for all the living creatures; their extreme sensibility helps them understand others. Endowed with outstanding psychic might, they can perceive the things that the vast majority of people do not see. In the course of a session with a client the medium transmits messages, repeating what the spirits have told him. He never gives personal advice, the role of a medium is only to serve as intermediary. He is not a psychologist. He acts as translator and lets his client enter in communication with a vanished creature.

In his cabinet you will not see any crystal balls, tarot cards or pendulums, this is not a clairvoyant. He does not need accessories for entering in communication with spirits. In the course of a session the medium can enter in a trance; after that he will be able to tell his client what he has heard, will be capable to guide the client and explain him his future or past. But he will only obtain all this knowledge by entering in communication with a spirit. There are several kinds of mediums.

Clairvoyants manage to learn all about a person's entire life, they are connected to the person's past, present and future. They receive visions and cannot determine if those visions belong to the past or to the future. They do not have this faculty. Visions arrive abruptly without a possibility to control them. In return, the visions are clear; clairvoyants can recognize people, a place, an event. Clairvoyants are intuitional mediums, their only drawback is not knowing if their visions are from the past or from the future. Each time this is a puzzle to assemble. What is more, when a vision concerns the future they are not capable of telling if it will happen in a day or in a year.

Clairaudiants do not have visions, but they hear them. Voices speak to them. They hear names of people, places, personal messages. After that they have to interpret these; that's what is really difficult. Since sometimes they find it hard to arrange all they perceive in a coherent way. This is a task to be done together with the client. They retransmit messages and then interpret them calmly.

Telepaths or Psychics are both clairvoyants and clairaudiants. They hear and see the others' emotions. In this way they succeed with ease to connect to their clients' feelings. They are capable of understanding and sensing the entire life of a person within just a couple of moments. Such hypersensibility connects them to the other people's emotions. They know if the person has experienced tragic events in life and can feel it very clearly. This gift helps them understand the ones around them, they enter easily in communication with spirits and can in this way unveil truths until now hidden.

We can also mention christian mediums, their magnetism helps to cure diseases. They are healers and magnetizers. Mediums can in the course of a spiritualist session use a tablet or a pen for putting down words that the spirit in communication with them is telling them. However the true mediums, those endowed with a veritable gift, do not have any need of this type of accessories. Spirits speak to them directly.

Clairsentients are capable of feeling the spirits' presence in any place. They can determine if this presence is pleasant or not, but they cannot actually enter in communication with these spirits. They only sense their presence.

As to speaking mediums, they lend their voices to the spirits. By means of their mouth the spirits address the people around them. Rather than writing on a sheet of paper what the spirit has said, the medium will speak it out directly. The spirit inhabits the medium's body for a while.

Pneumatographs, on the contrary, write directly on paper what the spirit is telling them. They do not personally intervene in writing, it is the spirit that uses the medium's body for writing. The medium is only a mediator between the two worlds, helping the spirit to communicate with the people who it has probably left too early.

There also are somnambular mediums. Spirits enter in communication with them during their sleep periods. In the course of these sessions the medium can stand up, walk, write, whereas he is in a semi-conscious state. It is only in this way the spirit manages to address them.

Death is quite present in the world of mediums. In fact, a medium very often communicates with deceased people. Death is a stage of life, just like birth. It is part of the mysteries of existence. To facilitate communication with a spirit in particular, the medium can employ a piece of jewelry that used to belong to a vanished person, a photograph or any other accessory that might accelerate establishing contact with the concerned spirit.

Before consulting a medium it would be better to make inquiries about his/her competences. Beware of manipulator charlatans. True mediums do exist, however unscrupulous people can sometimes take their place for making easy money. You'd better keep away from people who ask you for large sums of money, it is then highly probable that they are not real mediums. For making the right choice of your medium you have to visit internet forums, read, inquire and ask questions.


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