Taurus's horoscope for September 2021

Written by Daisy

Taurus: Astral Climate for September 2021

Mars in trine to your sign until the 15th encourages you to serve the common cause. Act for the good of all without privileging your personal interests. From the 10th, Venus in Scorpio enables you to reach out to others, to exchange and communicate. Jupiter and Saturn limit your room for maneuver and may frustrate you at times. Still, Uranus encourages you to change, Neptune inspires you, and Pluto helps transform what needs to be converted. This planetary climate remains favorable for you to get closer to others and to exchange ideas. The influence of the Sun will make you blossom until the 22nd, and your power of seduction will be exalted from the 10th onwards, so you will have a positive, fulfilling, and profitable month.

Taurus: Mood for September 2021

You feel good about yourself, smiling, and are positively occupied with concrete and constructive activities. However, Jupiter gives you excessive desires that Saturn is quick to stifle. You often swing between ardor and discouragement, optimism and frustration, not to mention, for some, sudden changes that are difficult to manage serenely. In short, you are a bit shaken up by various planetary influences. Still, your charm and courage win the day and allow you to remain rather zen throughout this month of autumn. You are often forced to step out of your comfort zone. But even if this upsets your routine, it is all to your advantage.

Taurus: Love for September 2021

Your social and professional life takes up a lot of your time and energy. Still, you find a second wind in love from the 10th when Venus comes to occupy your complementary sign and helps you to open your arms to the other. Venus makes you charming and very sensual. You take advantage of this to conquer a coveted person or to strengthen the bonds in your relationship. It's a month of return filled with good dispositions. With Mars in Virgo, opposite Neptune, you are intuitive and lucid in your exchanges. In your actions, you could build a fantastic framework for your emotional life this month!

Taurus: Money for September 2021

In September, your financial situation depends on the relationships you have with others. You will have to please your superiors. Show your collaborators that you fully assume your responsibilities and show potential investors that your projects are structured and solid. In any case, you should only launch large expenditures or significant investments with caution. From the 10th onwards, income from your associations is most likely to take off. Your charm and strength of conviction are present throughout the month, and your energy supports you in your endeavors.

Taurus: Work for September 2021

You are taking on heavy tasks or facing many responsibilities. Still, you are not alone, and you feel supported by your superiors, colleagues, or associates. However, you need to be patient and cautious, as there are many obstacles to your initiatives. You may see too big or overestimate your means (physical, financial). You show yourself sometimes too authoritarian or stubborn. Beware also of your greed which can push you towards excess. Uranus gives you the desire to distinguish yourself, to stand out from the crowd, expose your ideas to attentive interlocutors, supportive colleagues, or to a hierarchy charmed by your originality.

Taurus: Leisure for September 2021

Mars will give you a lot of physical energy until the 15th, which you should maintain for as long as possible at the end of the summer. This is an excellent time to practice regular physical activity, decide to eat healthier, and avoid excesses. You have a great desire to get closer to people and to communicate with everyone. Family walks, board games, team sports, outings with friends are the activities that suit you best during this month of back to school.

Taurus: Key dates for September 2021

- On the 5th, you'll score points by working hard.

- On the 7th, the New Moon invites you to express yourself and accept that you want to live freely.

- On the 14th, you aspire to share an ideal of life that you must make accessible so that people will want to follow you!

- On the 20th, the Full Moon invites you to solicit the support of your followers to sustain your projects.

- On the 25th, you deploy great energy in the realization of your tasks. You favorably impress those who have entrusted them to you.

Taurus: Advice for September 2021

Rely on your radiance and your will to be helpful, please others to seize your chance in love, or reinforce your popularity. This autumn is placed under the sign of collaboration, dialogue, and listening, you can make your talents and your implication recognized.

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