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The sign of the Rooster

Written by Mary

The traits of the Rooster sign in Chinese astrology:

The Rooster is an exhibitionist, who considers himself better than he really is. He is full of self-confidence and likes to be admired. There is no question of the Rooster being afraid of singing in front of a large crowd. He is also a dreamer would like to live in a better world. He has big ideas, a large heart and a desire to be a hero in life. He is an honest person, full of good will and always loyal. His boundless energy is unwavering.

The Rooster wants to be famous and dreams of this day and night. He imagines himself living an extraordinary life where he would be the subject of fascination among other people. He loves the feeling of power. But, to achieve his goals, he will need to take appropriate action, or the dreams of success could end up slipping through his fingers. This sign also likes its home comforts and is quite happy to spend a cosy evening at home.

In fact, this is something he really appreciates, only sometimes he is in danger of mistaking his desires for reality. Nobody ever becomes famous staying at home. However, if you dared to suggest this to him, his vulnerability would immediately become apparent. Be careful of teasing him over much. The dominant force of this sign is Yin.

Horoscopes of the Rooster

You will find all the links to consult quickly your different horoscopes for the sign of theRooster:
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Sign Profile of the Rooster

Lucky numbers : 1, 5, 6, 12, 15, 16, 24 et 51
Compatible signs : Ox, Snake, Rat
Incompatible signs : Rabbit, Goat
Lunar years : 1897, 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029, 2041, 2053, 2065, 2077, 2089

Love of the Rooster

The Rooster falls in love very quickly. He lives very much for the moment and falls for the loved-one in a way that can seem over the top. He turns life into a drama, where he plays the role of himself and is always centre-stage. However, when in love, he has eyes only for the object of his affections and will not look elsewhere. He is a sincere and devoted companion and always considerate.

The Rooster loves children and is a good parent, taking his moral responsibilities towards bringing up his children very seriously. His imagination often makes his children laugh and family life with him is always very lively. He is also a very loyal friend. When he is liked, he is fully accepted.

Strengths of the Rooster

The Rooster is always full of energy and never stops. Propelled by his dreams and desires, he keeps going. This is a sign that likes action, not being on the receiving end, but seeking it out. There is no such thing as boredom for him. He is not the type to live a reclusive life and he is often seen at gatherings or events etc.

His enthusiasm helps him to overcome life's difficulties and he will not give up when faced by problems. If an obstacle stands in his way, he will climb over it courageously. He always gets back up again. Those around him get the impression that his joie de vivre and energy are inexhaustible.

Weaknesses of the Rooster

The Rooster's main fault is that his dreams are impossibly utopian. He can imagine himself living a life that he will never actually have. As a result, there is a mismatch between dream and reality. The Rooster can suffer if he comes back down to Earth with a bump. Quite frequently, he prefers to dream on, rather than face reality. This is his way of believing in his dreams now and in the future.

On the financial front, The Rooster is capable of spending lots of money without considering his budget, especially when it involves indulging his family. He is not interested in these practical aspects of life. He makes the most of life, sometimes forgetting the limitations of reality.

Work of the Rooster

Roosters may well be dreamers, but their approach to work is serious in the extreme. No-one could criticise their organisational skills. Work is sacred and those born under this sign involve themselves to the full and manage their time at work very effectively. They are accurate, disciplined and determined, setting themselves objectives that they achieve without problem.

They do everything in their power to achieve their goals.

The Rooster is very much at ease in public and a good orator. He will fully develop his abilities in the professions where you need to win over the public: politics, negotiating and areas involving the public domainÂ…
He can also thrive in the performing arts. Not being shy, he is naturally a very good actor: for example,the theatre or the cinema are just right for him.

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