Scorpio's horoscope for September 2021

Written by Daisy

Scorpio: Astral Climate for September 2021

You don't lack energy in September. Instead, communication is on the back burner. Exchanges are not very clear, and there is a lot of unsaid. Thanks to the Sun, you can, however, make yourself positively noticed until the 22nd. Still, above all, from the 10th, Venus enters your sign and adorns you with an indisputable charm that no longer needs words to express your feelings. Your fiery eyes and exalted sensuality will allow you to seduce anyone you want, whether it be at work or in love. Count on Jupiter and Saturn, however, who, in turn, push you to excess, to greed, then limit you and put constraints on you in an often frustrating mix.

Scorpio: Mood for September 2021

The month's mood improves from week to week, and your good mood blossoms as the doors open. The beginning of the month is active, conducive to initiatives and firm decisions. As of the 10th, Venus adorns you with a devastating charm and, if you don't overdo it, you could attract new friendships, and even more if you are so inclined. Changes are in the air and bring with them certain constraints or responsibilities that could, from time to time, cast a shadow over you. Still, you have the means to overcome these minor disappointments to evolve towards greater mastery and maturity.

Scorpio: Love for September 2021

Until the 10th, you are absorbed by your activities, but then the sky opens up for your love life, and you have every chance to meet someone new or to strengthen your ties with your partner. Beware of Jupiter, which exacerbates your greed, and Saturn, which limits your possibilities. Stay sober and balanced to enjoy your relationships without asking too much or manipulating your partner. Make an effort to communicate to be sure you are always understood. For some people, Uranus induces significant and abrupt changes in agreements and associations, including marriage. If this is the case, stay zen and think carefully before making a decision that commits you, whether it is a promise or a break-up, do not do things too hastily.

Scorpio: Money for September 2021

This is a peaceful month. If you manage to curb certain impulses and not deprive yourself of everything, you will achieve a comfortable balance. Luck could smile on you from the 10th, but until the 15th, your activities will show the best return. Jupiter pushes you to compulsive purchases, Saturn limits your means, Uranus provokes various surprises. Still, Neptune and Pluto assure you a good intuition in everything that concerns investments. Don't let this stop you from taking advice for any necessary purchase. As is often the case, real estate remains a safe bet if you have the capital to invest over the long term.

Scorpio: Work for September 2021

September is, above all, a month of reflection. You are elaborating strategies, looking for new fields of action, perhaps other associations. You are looking to reorient your career to feel more accessible and more fulfilled in your daily life. Your hierarchy is not always listening to you, and Saturn is weighing you down with constraints or responsibilities. Don't give up too quickly on your hopes for advancement in your current job: the situation could change more rapidly than you think. Your charm should help you, from the 10th onwards, to plead your case with your superiors or associates and, if you remain transparent and sincere, things should go well. Don't try to manipulate or deceive your partners. You risk losing all credit and for a long time...

Scorpio: Leisure for September 2021

You will have the best time with your friends: Mars invites you to join a group or community that has the same interests as you. Whether it's sports, hiking, dining out, or going to a show, you'll feel better in good company. Your relationships with others will provide you with the energy you need to embark on picturesque or exotic adventures. Team sports are worth exploring as well as activities like yoga if you're feeling stressed or stuck. Walking and biking are still the best activities to keep you fit and in a good mood.

Scorpio: Key dates for September 2021

- On the 5th, with your family, sharpen your arguments and strategies before intervening.

- On the 6th, don't manipulate anyone. Opt for a sensitive and discrete approach to those around you to maintain harmony at home.

- On the 17th, you communicate persuasively, but don't use your charm too much. Your loved ones find you self-centered.

- On the 22nd, beware of misunderstandings with someone close to you if you are stubborn or worse if you try to manipulate them.

- On the 30th, do not abuse your power of seduction to make excessive promises at the risk that your loved ones will be disappointed afterward.

Scorpio: Advice for September 2021

In September, you'll want to serve your interests by taking care of everyone's susceptibility. Take into account the hopes of your partner and loved ones and take the time to convince them without forcing anyone. This is the best way to obtain satisfactory results. Your strength and determination will direct the future to your advantage and for the good of those you love. You improve your living conditions, and nothing discourages you.

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