Cancer's horoscope for September 2021

Written by Daisy

Cancer: Astral Climate for September 2021

A month of contrasts awaits you in September. The Sun in sextile on the 22nd, Venus in trine from the 10th, and Mars from the 15th form a trio that will allow you to spend the second fortnight in full possession of your means: charming, active, and motivated. In the first half of the month, a particular nervousness reigns. The end of the month will depend on what you do with these powerful emotional energies, especially in your family relationships. You have the power to communicate creatively with those around you. Still, you can also harbor endless quarrels, sterile resentments, or extreme disappointments, all depending on your ability to handle the situations.

Cancer: Mood for September 2021

With Mercury in square plus retrograde, exchanges are not always easy, communication is slowed down, travel too, and these constraints, limits, or delays weigh on your morale. You can go from unbridled enthusiasm to pessimism at the drop of a hat because of a single glance or word. You need to be aware of your emotional fragility in your relationships with others and not take everything you are told at face value. Instead, use your undeniable charm to seduce everyone with your smile and sobriety. Your very perceptible sensuality can make for some excellent moments.

Cancer: Love for September 2021

Venus keeps peace in the household, eventually restoring harmony. Above all, it exalts your power of seduction and facilitates conquests, favors encounters, and induces romantic flights of fancy. However, Saturn will slightly hinder these excellent dispositions, and your spontaneity will be curbed, your thirst for life's pleasures will be slowed down. In your family, unspoken words pollute the atmosphere, and you should consider changes that could improve your daily life. Don't communicate vaguely if you want people to listen to you. September remains an ideal time to develop your relationship or to fall in love.

Cancer: Money for September 2021

You will be very popular with your family if you make successful financial deals (a bonus or return on investment) and share them with your loved ones. But avoid spending too much. Simply continue to defend family interests and values. You can count on hidden income (income, inheritance) to improve the atmosphere in the family. Your ideas are bold, and you can invest in solid projects like real estate or home improvement. Don't waste your money on impulsive and futile purchases.

Cancer: Work for September 2021

Saturn is forcing you to break with an outdated way of doing things. You manage the situation without destabilizing yourself too much. Your creativity pushes you to expose your talents, but don't overdo it so that people don't distrust you. You are convincing, even offensive, and you easily make an impression. You can successfully present your audacious projects thanks to your eloquence and your devastating charm. Jupiter multiplies the opportunities for creative changes, but clarify your goals to avoid making mistakes or arousing the distrust of your hierarchy. Your arguments express your potential, and you carry your ambitions high with the approval of your hierarchy. Simply, do not be too greedy and demanding.

Cancer: Leisure for September 2021

Genealogy is an excellent hobby for you: try it, and you will be delighted to reconstruct your family history. Back to school is an ideal time to sign up for a class. Whether it's cooking, knitting, yoga, or video editing, regular activity will go a long way in reducing tension and taking your mind off things. In fact, you may discover an unexpected passion for fun or sports that you may never have heard of before. Don't give in to the laziness that only undermines your self-confidence. Exercise in good company and maintain your relationships.

Cancer: Key dates for September 2021

- On the 5th, you are looking to remove the limits weighing on your relationships and disrupting their fulfillment. This is the time to free up your voice to make debates evolve.

- On the 14th, make sure your words are clear before you launch into polemics that lead nowhere, as they are based on confusion.

- On the 20th, you put your eloquence at the service of your family affairs. The Full Moon invites you to broaden your horizons, to embody an ideal.

- On the 27th, discussions drag on, as they will not resume before October 18th, so be patient!

- On the 29th, a day to seduce, a romantic climate to be savored, preferably in excellent company. You inspire confidence and make the best of everyone's business.

Cancer: Advice for September 2021

Your challenge in September is to act and convince. You have projects to promote, interests to safeguard, or structures to review. Do not be discouraged. Your eloquence opens doors for you, but don't irritate anyone by making too much noise or showing off your merits. Keep your voice down.

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