Sagittarius's horoscope for September 2020

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It's a tiring start to fall for everyone. While some enjoy relative immunity, others have to break with a past that restricts their personal expression. We must take on challenges to emancipate ourselves, or even transform into a better version of ourselves and evolve constructively. But not without struggles or aggression to curb. In short, it's a real back-to-school month, with its share of homework to do and mistakes to avoid.

Sagittarius: Love horoscope for September 2020

Love: Ambitious!

Venus stirs up passions at the beginning of the month. But, from the 6th, she encourages the evolution of your stories and exacerbates your ambitions in love: you make the relationship evolve, or you find that special someone. You aspire to experience love that lives up to your expectations, Sagittarius and gives meaning to your bond. You privilege encounters that exalt you and are out of the ordinary. You escape mediocrity.

1st decan (November 23rd - December 2nd): An Inspiring Start to the School Year!

You benefit from beautiful, loving cooperation to exchange on projects that inspire you. You benefit from favourable conditions for your emotional development. Take full advantage of this period to make pleasant plans. Starting on the 22nd, the Sun reinforces the trend and invites you to open up the future.

2nd decan (December 3rd - December 12th): In Search of the Extraordinary!

The beginning of the month is reserved for your social ambitions, but Venus invites you, between the 15th and 24th, to focus on relationships likely to meet your expectations. You don't want a story without flavour. You want to vibrate and escape from routine and banality. Count on Uranus to change things. It takes care of spicing up your love affairs. Beware, because if he sows effervescence, he also sows chaos.

3rd decan (December 13th - December 21st): Other Priorities!

At the beginning of the month, your exacerbated appetites come up against a limiting Saturn. Calm down rather than trying to fulfil all your desires and fantasies. Venus sharpens your desire to experience inspiring love from the 24th. Until then, you'll have too much to do at work to surrender to love or think about it.

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A hectic back-to-school season, if you manage to escape from your professional obligations, you'll want your love affairs to carry you away, but don't do just anything.

Sagittarius: The thread of the month for September 2020

First Week,

The 1st, arguments and tricks, everything to convince your superiors and colleagues to give you what you ask for. A good time to showcase your talents and claim the right reward. The 2nd, the Full Moon invites you to take care of your own and manage the stewardship. Some people are frustrated by unfulfilled desires, while others have the right elements to change things by freeing themselves from constraints they now refuse to accept. The 3rd, you break down the obstacles; if the barriers are financial, use your influence and your socio-professional authority to reduce adversity. The 4th, avoid asking too much in love or business. Take a strategic approach to events, and don't try to force your way through, which would probably end in disappointment.

The Second Week,

The 9th, success or returns are to be hoped for. Deploy your talents to make an impression. The 11th, give some of your precious time to loved ones who feel neglected.

The Third Week,

The 14th, you transform your professional and financial situation. Your ability to show what you are capable of clearly works in your favour. The 15th, your emotional ambitions seem legitimate, but don't impose them on those around you. The 17th, don't make costly plans so as not to slow down the movement. The New Moon invites you to show off your work and shine, but not to blind the world. Take advantage of your influence to break down certain recurring obstacles that prevent you from openly expressing your potential.

The Fourth Week,

The 21st, you do not lack the energy or arguments to promote your projects; it is the sense of measure that you lack. Moderate your appetites and keep your feet on the ground. The 23rd, if you ask for too much, you will end the day frustrated and a little disappointed. The 24th, you are greedy, eager, and ambitious, but don't force anyone's hand. The 29th, rely on your charm and pass on your messages gently to convince. If you take the hard way, you'll hit a wall.

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