Capricorn's horoscope for September 2020

Written by Daisy

It's a tiring start to fall for everyone. While some enjoy relative immunity, others have to break with a past that restricts their personal expression. We must take on challenges to emancipate ourselves, or even transform into a better version of ourselves and evolve constructively. But not without struggles or aggression to curb. In short, it's a real back-to-school month, with its share of homework to do and mistakes to avoid.

Capricorn: Love horoscope for September 2020

Love: Be Polite!

At the beginning of the month, Venus invites you to listen to others and their desires. Starting on the 6th, this delicious planet spices up your impulses. But don't impose your desires, fantasies and illusions on other people, Capricorn, or offend your partner's sensitivity. Cultivate dialogue and respect. As a family, follow these same guidelines to manage stewardship and exchanges in peace.

1st decan (December 22nd - January 2nd): Let Yourself Go!

You will be in a naughty mood between the 6th and 15th: Venus reinforces your desires and boosts your appetite. Count on it to have a good time and give your lovemaking a new lease on life. At the end of the month, Uranus urges you to transform what must be transformed so that you feel freer in your movements and your desires.

2nd decan (January 3rd - 11th): Take it Easy!

Until the 26th, Uranus reinforces your desire to spice up your dates and make your love life evolve. Count on the free spirit of the zodiac to awaken your relationship or encourage unusual encounters. Take this opportunity to launch a new cycle of emotional fulfilment. Stay measured in your requests, avoid fantasies and illusions that are not to the taste of your partner.

3rd decan (January 12th - January 20th): Give Up Acting as a Family!

You have a real desire to push back your limits, broaden your horizons, and restructure yourself on bases more in line with an ideal. But avoid imposing your laws as a family, at the risk of arousing the anger of those close to you. Rely on diplomacy to make yourself heard. You will benefit from a height of vision that will help you blossom, provided that you don't waste your chances by playing the boss at the end of the month. Use your charm to change things without causing conflict.

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The Sun gives you wings, and Venus exalts your desires. Enough to shine in love without bending the other to demands that lead to conflict.

Capricorn: The thread of the month for September 2020

First Week,

The 1st, you direct your destiny to your advantage and accelerate a personal metamorphosis that allows you to free yourself from the codes of the past. The 2nd, the Full Moon favours communication, but don't abuse your wits to force your way through. If you encounter resistance, use respectful listening to unblock the issues and your originality to convince yourself that you're doing the right thing. The 3rd, you have plenty of arguments to remove the obstacles that are hindering your progress. The 4th, don't raise your voice as a family and take a step towards each other rather than dictating your laws and triggering clashes and conflicts.

The Second Week,

The 9th, you push back previous limitations that were hindering your development. Now is the ideal moment to open a new cycle of expansion. The 11th, you are armed to surpass yourself, but check that you can keep your commitments.

The Third Week,

The 14th, you precipitate a metamorphosis in progress. Use your ability to evolve to push back the boundaries of the possible. The 15th, particular desires electrify you, so be careful not to cross the line and don't impose your vision of things on anyone. Otherwise, you risk making exchanges tense. The 17th, while negotiating, you think you can do whatever you want, but keep your voice down. The New Moon invites you to broaden your horizons, not to abuse them. If you respect the procedure, you'll move forward smoothly.

The Fourth Week,

The 21st, if you argue without making concessions, you compromise the excellent opinion people have of you. The 23rd, the current is hard to pass. Your interlocutors are not ready to give up. Is the game you're playing worth it? The 24th, there's no pressure from your family, your loved ones won't let you down—smooth things over rather than starting trench warfare. The 29th, you influence your loved ones by being gentle but firm. It is a happy mixture that better serves your cause than an overbearing attitude that would lead you straight into the wall.

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