Scorpio's horoscope for October 2021

Written by Daisy

Scorpio: Astral Climate for October 2021

Venus accompanies you until the 7th and the Sun until the 22nd. Take advantage of this to make yourself positively noticed. Be aware of the expansive influence of Jupiter, which pushes you to want more and more, and of Saturn, which blocks or hinders your progress. The opposition of Uranus forces some of you to review the organization of your life from top to bottom. Tense moments are likely, especially since Mercury retrograde and placed in the shadow of your sign does not encourage you to exchange, discuss, to make compromises, although necessary. Do not let your nervous tensions spoil the atmosphere around you and control your anger or impatience.

Scorpio: Mood for October 2021

You are lovely, but not necessarily of good character. Family worries are weighing on you. Even if the future seems full of promise, you must take care to make good decisions without letting yourself be influenced by a particular gloomy atmosphere in October. You need to tame your impulses and filter the messages from your unconscious so that your reactions serve you rather than harm you. You tend to do too much, ask too much, demand, and want, without necessarily thinking about the feelings of your loved ones or colleagues. A little empathy, this ability to put yourself in the place of others, would be beneficial and would make you more sympathetic, more popular.

Scorpio: Love for October 2021

You are very busy with your family responsibilities. Still, the weight will lighten as the weeks go by, and you will find opportunities to blossom in your love life. You reassure your loved ones by offering them a great deal of emotional and material support. Still, you can also be a little too authoritarian, and this behavior spoils your popularity a little. Kindness always works better than aggressiveness. Peace will return more quickly, which will allow you to devote yourself to your partner without being disturbed by parasitic worries. You are overflowing with beautiful projects, and your life could quickly be transformed entirely (moving, marriage, baby?).

Scorpio: Money for October 2021

There is no shortage of money, but you tend to systematically spend more than you receive. Your greed can play tricks on you, and it is urgent to discipline yourself in this area to avoid unpleasant surprises. But you are developing sound strategies for future investments, and in this area, you have excellent intuitions. Venus could bring you an unexpected gain during the first week, so why not try your luck? As long as you are reasonable in your bet!

Scorpio: Work for October 2021

You remain preoccupied with your private life and family. Still, you have more and more opportunities to showcase your talents and defend your methods. Slowness and blockages continue to wear on your nerves, but know that by the 18th, the situation will settle down, and exchanges will resume with vigor. In the meantime, take care of the files in progress, take advantage of family joys, maintain your love affairs, and use your seduction. It is a powerful tool to discreetly advance your pawns. Above all, avoid getting involved in controversies or conflicts that do not serve your interests and harm your popularity.

Scorpio: Leisure for October 2021

You are rather solitary until the 22nd. You prefer to go for a walk alone or practice an individual sports activity. However, do not neglect your family and friends who may take offense to your withdrawal. Allow yourself a night out at a restaurant or a leisure activity with your family. But control your mood, which is not always at its best, and a latent aggressiveness that sometimes seeks to express itself. It is in the problematic disciplines that you will relax the best. Idleness is worth nothing to you and exacerbates all your impatience. Try yoga...

Scorpio: Key dates for October 2021

- On the 1st, be careful what you say. You could hurt someone around you, even without meaning to.

- On the 8th, you are offensive, even aggressive, at least remain courteous...

- On the 13th, draw on your resources to improve your life and please everyone.

- On the 18th, discussions that were getting bogged down will gain momentum.

- On the 28th, you have the means to achieve your goals with your family.

Scorpio: Advice for October 2021

Saturn is pushing you to set new rules for your family. Be prepared to expose your potential and do not aggressively give away that you want to run everything. A little delicacy will allow you to seduce and convince without going through conflicts.

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