Taurus's horoscope for October 2021

Written by Daisy

Taurus: Astral Climate for October 2021

With the Sun opposite until the 22nd and Venus opposite until the 7th, the beginning of the month is likely to be a bit agitated. You will contend between burning desires, headaches, or devastating passions. Jupiter and Saturn in square don't help matters by giving you excessive desires (Jupiter) and frustrating you socially (Saturn). October will be a slalom test where Neptune will help you with your intuition and insight. For some people, Uranus will turn everything upside down and force you to review the very foundations of your existence. After the 7th, take advantage of relative peace in love to relax on the private level and evolve in the professional field.

Taurus: Mood for October 2021

Until the 7th, your emotional life is turbulent, and your excessive desires could strain your relationships. You can let off steam at work where your energy is boundless, but there too, you risk overdoing it and burning out prematurely. The most challenging thing to do this month is to balance your enthusiasm, appetite, and efforts. Try to see the positive side of situations: your excessive desires signify a beautiful ambition to be controlled. The brakes and blockages that occur force you to reflect on your achievements and your hopes. The unexpected changes are conducive to accelerated evolution in certain areas. It is by seeing the glass as half full that you will best preserve a certain serenity.

Taurus: Love for October 2021

You are beautiful, but you use your charm primarily in your social life and associations. Passionate exchanges or intense encounters are possible at the beginning of the month. Take advantage of this to develop the relationship or find the rare pearl. Your radiance will affect everyone at the end of the month, but you will remain focused on your personal objectives. Don't neglect your other half too much. They may criticize you for your lack of involvement at home and even in your relationship.

Taurus: Money for October 2021

If you have significant expenses or investments to make, wait until the 7th to be sure not to make a mistake, not to be the victim of your haste or greed. Jupiter and Saturn may block your plans if they are too bold. From the 7th onwards, you will be more lucid and wiser, and you will consider reasonable and necessary expenditures. From the 22nd on, however, you may put your wallet to the test to impress others, to look good. Don't give in to every request without being stingy, but know how to remain firm.

Taurus: Work for October 2021

Obstacles and obstacles are beginning to disappear, and you can finally consolidate your progress. Use diplomatic strategies to charm your superiors. Don't be too quick to think that everything is won at the risk of someone trying to counteract you. Jupiter favors your social ascension, but don't launch initiatives that could displease. One could think that you serve your personal interests first. You lack neither courage nor tenacity to act daily but do not rush into anything. Use your flair and skill to change things smoothly. From the 18th onwards, negotiations that have been stalled should resume their ordinary course.

Taurus: Leisure for October 2021

You need physical exercise but in moderation. Don't engage in strenuous competition; instead, take time to relax with playful activities, walks, yoga, or exploring new horizons. The pleasures of life are always pleasing to you: a good meal, a naughty nap, allow yourself a few good moments, and your radiant mood will earn you many supporters in all your activities.

Taurus: Key dates for October 2021

- On the 1st, aim carefully so that your initiatives pay off without attracting criticism.

- On the 9th, lower your voice and use your eloquence to make an impression, not attack everyone.

- On the 17th, rely on your intuition and your sense of strategy to deal with everyday life. But don't overly assert your ambitions.

- On the 20th, the Full Moon invites you to take a step back from events.

- On the 28th, you are magnetic and seductive, attracting attention.

Taurus: Advice for October 2021

You are reaching the end of the tunnel, and you deserve the recognition you have been waiting for. Take your time in October, without rushing, go slowly but surely towards success. To make the most of the energies, leave a little room for others to exist. Don't lose your patience. You might attract reproaches.

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